MaidSafe launches SAFE Network Alpha 2 – The Authenticator Release

he world’s first and only autonomous data network underlines its superiority for protecting data.

Troon, SCOTLAND, September 22nd, 2017 – Today MaidSafe, developer of the world’s first and only autonomous data network, is announcing the Authenticator Release of the SAFE Network. This Alpha 2 release includes a new mechanism for access control (the Authenticator) that integrates mobile platform support, as well as updated demonstration apps. MaidSafe’s progress underlines its commitment to making the security of data its paramount concern from the outset.

The Authenticator provides secure network access, which is now enforced by the network, automating the protection of data. It is bundled with the SAFE Browser, and in addition to supporting Windows, OSX and Linux, it now also incorporates support for Android, with iOS support in the works. While these moves into mobile are a technology preview they are designed to show how the SAFE Network accommodates mobile devices. In the coming months, MaidSafe will provide mobile developers with the tools and documentation to start developing SAFE mobile apps.

The updated desktop tutorial applications are SAFE Mail and the Web Hosting Manager. SAFE Mail provides end to end encrypted email using the public key of the recipient to encrypt the message, so only the recipient can read its contents. The Web Hosting Manager allows users to create their own public ID enabling users to upload and publish content instantly. The two Android example applications are the Authenticator, which provides network access, and SAFE Messages, which facilitates end to end encrypted mail.

“We’re delighted to announce the next milestone for the SAFE Network, which has required a methodical and rigorous approach at all times to ensure we are protecting data from the outset,” said David Irvine, founder and CEO, MaidSafe. “We have made a huge investment in time and resources to get to this point, which we believe has given us a unique technical advantage. The SAFE Network is based on over 11 years R&D, 20 granted patents and 12 pending and 19 test networks. We’re confident, that unlike the blockchain alternatives, our network is the first and only autonomous one that can protect data.”

Work on future Alpha releases is continuing as MaidSafe expands its global development team to progress critical functionality such as an autonomous secure routing layer. This will see the network architecture become more decentralised. It will enable users to run routing nodes and provide secure transient data. There is also on-going work on secure autonomous storage with user run vaults facilitating a much broader range of decentralised apps.

Contact Information
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Chief Operating Officer
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About MaidSafe
Started in 2006 by Scottish engineer David Irvine, MaidSafe is a team, comprised of thinkers, inventors, tinkerers, PHDs, engineers and designers, who share a mission to provide security and privacy for everyone. MaidSafe has developed The SAFE (Secure Access For Everyone) Network, the world’s first autonomous data network designed to manage data without any human intervention. It is self-configuring, self-protecting, self-optimising and self-healing, removing all the intermediaries that negatively impact the management of our data.

Spectrum regulatory authorities to validate real spectrum usage with LS telcom’s SpectrumMap

Lichtenau/Baden, GermanyLS telcom announced that organizations now have the possibility to validate real world radio coverage for an area of interest with their new solution SpectrumMap. As a cloud based big data system SpectrumMap gathers real spectrum usage data from a monitoring network and presents the data on a map in a fast, user-friendly way. The system collects and stores spectrum data from many monitoring sources, such as fixed sites, temporary sites, mobile, handheld and portable devices. The equipment can be from different providers and manufacturers. The easy to use interface allows even staff, not qualified as engineers such as policy makers, band planners, licensing teams, as well as skilled engineering teams, and enforcement to use a range of analytical tools via web apps. Measured and calculated spectrum coverage data can be visualized in many ways such as by band, channel or service type. Key applications, which are available as web apps, include:

  • Field strength of single frequencies to bands, all user selectable
  • Coverage analysis of user selectable bands
  • Band occupancy
  • Spectrum use
  • Electromagnetic radiation hazard analysis
  • Dynamic band analysis where the display steps through user selectable frequency steps

In contrast to conventional control units of monitoring systems, SpectrumMap focuses on presenting the data in a geographical area rather than needing to identify monitoring sites and individually calculate coverage of each site.

Manfred Lebherz, CEO of LS telcom explained, “With SpectrumMap regulators can now for the first time base their licensing scheme on real world measured spectrum usage not just prediction. This is especially useful in urban areas, where spectrum is very densely used. We are sure that SpectrumMap will be indispensable for regulators with the introduction of 5G services, the Internet of Things (IoT) applications and connected objects.”


Visit us at the ITU World, booth no. 1362, 25 – 28 September 2017 in Busan / Republic of Korea,

About LS telcom
LS telcom is the global leader in spectrum efficiency. In an increasingly connected world, we assure that all spectrum users achieve their radio communication objectives in the most optimal and cost-efficient way. We deliver technologies and services to national and international regulatory bodies, to mobile and broadcast operators, to transport, critical infrastructure, defence, PPDR and vertical markets. We optimize spectrum management and spectrum use and enable new business models based on the internet of things (IoT). Spectrum users in all markets rely on our experts and software for the planning and design of optimized radio networks. We plan networks of all generations and technologies, including IoT.

On the regulatory side, we supply consulting and support services for spectrum policy development, pricing, auctions, trading, dynamic and licensed spectrum access considering technical, economic and social parameters.

Our highly modern SPECTRA Enterprise IT system provides regulators with fully automated workflow-based e-government capabilities in spectrum management. Combined with our flexible radio monitoring system, it is one of the most advanced systems for spectrum inventory and data mining, enabling highest spectrum efficiency.

Training on network technologies, standards, and regulations as well as radio monitoring system integration and optimization, transmitter installations and measurements complete our offer. Founded in 1992, LS telcom looks back on 25 years of experience in the radio communications market. Since then LS telcom, an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, has established memberships with many industry associations and organizations, and cooperates with leading technology universities. This is how we ensure to be up-to-date with technologies, standards and regulations.

LS telcom operates worldwide with subsidiaries and affiliates in Canada, China, France, South Africa, UAE, UK and USA as well as representations and support offices in Argentina, Hungary and Oman. With its headquarters in Lichtenau, Germany, LS telcom is listed on the German stock exchange under ISIN DE 0005754402 since 2001.

LS telcom
Christiane Labitzke
Marketing & Communications Manager
+49 (0)7227 95 35 296 (Germany)
+ 33 (0)1 39 26 85 85 (France)

For the USA
LS telcom
Josh Grossman
(310) 383-1771

Genesis Technical Systems’ mBond® technology achieves ‘Gold Standard’ at British Telecom’s Modem Compliance Testing

Genesis Technical Systems has become one of only nine global manufacturers to successfully pass BT’s MCT compliance, achieving SIN 498 approval

Coventry, UK – 20 September 2017 – Genesis Technical Systems today announced its mBond® technology for increased backhaul performance has passed British Telecom’s (BT) Modem Conformance Testing (MCT) and achieved SIN 498 – widely seen as a ‘Gold Standard’ in the industry. Genesis is one of only nine global manufacturers to have achieved MCT compliance after undergoing extensive testing to check mBond meets the standard and complies with BT’s requirements.

mBond – the new generation of bonding solution that addresses the inherent issues associated with G.Bond and EFM bonding – delivers cost effective and immediate, fast broadband to customers out of reach of fibre or where over-the-air solutions are unviable. It supports carrier scale deployment for enterprises, multi-dwelling units, mobile data backhaul, T1/E1 replacement and small cell architectures. mBond is also highly tolerant of individual line pair performance and failures, has greater configuration flexibility with point to multipoint bonding capability, is scalable and DSLAM agnostic.

Stephen Cooke, Genesis Founder and CTO, said: “This is a massive achievement for Genesis and a testament to the high-quality products we produce and the professional standards we adhere to. This certification also verifies the backhaul features of DSL Rings®, instilling confidence in our technology in the UK and around the world.”

BT SIN 498 is the specification defining BT’s VDSL2 service requirements, which ensures that products meet specific standards of support and compatibility, including all aspects of a device’s operation without any vendor interaction.

The MCT also covers supplementary features of BT’s VDSL network, including support for G.INP, SRA, vectoring and extensive diagnostic reporting, all intended to make connectivity more reliable and consistent. Once certified, all future software updates from BT will be tested against the approved products to ensure there will not be conflicts.

Peter Khoury, Genesis Chief Executive and Legal Counsel, said: “Genesis has gone from strength to strength this year, and is asserting itself within the global telecoms industry. Achieving this compliance will open many doors for Genesis, paving the way for UK orders of mBond, particularly to carriers and service providers using BT’s VDSL2 network throughout the UK.”

For more information on Genesis Technical Systems, please visit


About Genesis Technical Systems
Genesis Technical Systems is a provider of patented, awarding winning, cutting-edge broadband solutions that enable fixed & mobile telecoms operators and communications service providers to cost effectively deliver ultra-fast mobile and fixed broadband services, over existing networks to meet increasing broadband traffic demands. Genesis has solutions for:

  • Residential broadband and rural broadband with the capability to deliver up to twenty times faster broadband to consumers’ homes through DSL Rings. DSL Rings is a patent protected, award winning technology that has been proven in telecom operator laboratories and is being commercially developed.
  • Enterprise and governmental facilities broadband needs with the capability to deliver up to ten times faster bandwidth for macrocell backhaul, or access broadband for commercial use, whether that be a multi-dwelling residential unit, such as a block of flats, a business park, or a university campus through mBond.

Genesis solutions are enormously attractive to Communications Service Providers because they can be implemented quickly, enable them to profit from the increasing global demand for high speed broadband, have a low capital requirement and offer very attractive returns on investment.

Genesis has offices in Calgary, Canada and Coventry, United Kingdom.

For more information, visit and

Media Contacts
Clair MacKenzie
Genesis Technical Systems
Marketing Director
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Sian Borrill
Proactive International PR
Senior Account Manager
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Nuvias Becomes First Pan-EMEA Value Added Distributor for GitHub

London, England: 19/9/17GitHub, the software development platform (and the world’s largest community of developers used by more than 23 million people across the globe) has signed its first pan-EMEA distribution agreement with fast-growing value added distributor (VAD) Nuvias. The new partnership will further expand GitHub’s enterprise customer base across Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and represents a commitment by Nuvias to accelerate the growth of its DevOps business.

GitHub has rapidly become the leading web-based Git version control tool and repository for code development, providing access control and collaboration features such as bug tracking, feature requests, task management and wikis. GitHub already has over 64 million repositories, making it the largest host of source code in the world.

“Software and applications are now the heart of business and the basis for digital transformation, innovation and efficiency,” said Paul Eccleston, CEO Nuvias Group. “With businesses needing to deliver quality applications quickly so they can compete and gain market share, GitHub will be at the centre of our portfolio of integrated tools and services to enable collaborative development, quality, security, automation and user-experience monitoring.”

“GitHub Business allows companies large and small to collaborate on important projects more effectively, improving productivity within their development teams,” said Catherine King, Channel Manager at GitHub. “With Nuvias’ focus on accelerating its DevOps business, this partnership will help more companies across the globe get the most from their GitHub deployments, whether they choose the hosted option or on-premise.”

Development teams of all sizes, from start-ups to global teams of thousands, can harness the GitHub platform to discover, use and contribute to projects more effectively, regardless of organisation or geography. Managers get a powerful insight into work, in near real-time, across projects and teams, or can use the Activity Dashboard to view work across every project on GitHub Enterprise with easy-to-read graphs.

GitHub source repositories can be shared in the cloud or privately on-premise, while members can follow each other, review each other’s work, receive updates for specific projects and communicate publicly or privately.

“The way software is developed has fundamentally changed and the advance of open source means there is no point in reinventing the wheel,” said Paul Eccleston. “GitHub allows companies to multiply forces and employ 1000s of developers on improving and optimising code.”

About Nuvias Group
Nuvias Group is the pan-EMEA, high value distribution business, which is redefining international, specialist distribution in IT. The company has created a platform to deliver a consistent, high value, service-led and solution-rich proposition across EMEA. This allows partner and vendor communities to provide exceptional business support to customers and enables new standards of channel success.

The Group’s portfolio covers a comprehensive range of IT solutions, with the focus currently on three areas – Cyber Security (based on the former Wick Hill); Advanced Networking (based on the former Zycko) and Unified Communications (based on the former SIPHON). In July 2017, Nuvias added Benelux value added distributor and security specialist DCB to the Group. All four award-winning companies had previously demonstrated their ability to provide innovative technology solutions from world-class vendors, and deliver market growth for vendor partners and customers. Nuvias Group has 21 regional offices across EMEA, as well as serving additional countries through those offices. Turnover is in excess of US$ 350 million.

About GitHub
GitHub is how people build software. Millions of individuals and organizations around the world use GitHub to discover, share, and collaborate on software—from games and experiments to popular frameworks and leading applications. Together, we’re defining how software is built today.

Whether you use or GitHub Enterprise on your own servers, you can access one of the world’s largest developer communities to build software in the way that works best for you. Choose your deployment option and integrate your favourite third-party tools into a powerful, collaborative workflow.


For further press information or pic of Paul Eccleston, please contact Annabelle Brown on +44 (0)1326 318212, email

Coding initiative brings nation together for full week of free events

National Coding Week – running across the UK from 18th – 24th September – returns for 2017 to bring back the popular week-long series of events, run entirely by volunteers. The initiative encourages adults to try their hand at writing computer code, or to just find out more about coding, often for the first time.

Events will be held throughout the week in major cities including London, Manchester, Glasgow and Belfast, as well as more remote locations including Jersey and Guernsey. Organisers are calling on Government and the UK tech community to back the campaign once again and show their support via #NationalCodingWeek.

This year, organisers are encouraging businesses and individuals to mark Thursday 21st September in their diaries to take part in a national coding lesson, which people can log-on to and participate in wherever they are. Signing up to the free en masse lesson is easy to do. Those wanting to take part in the 45 minute session should visit just before noon on Thursday. Certificates will be sent out to all who take part.

Face-to-face events taking place up and down the UK, include:

Head of UK events for National Coding Week, Jonathan Channing said: “We’re delighted to be bringing National Coding Week back for its fourth year! Our ambition is to reach more people than ever before in 2017.

“With such a mix of events happening up and down the country we’re confident that that we’ll see hundreds of people giving coding a go. A big thank you goes to the sponsors and the brilliant volunteers who all come together for this week every year to highlight the importance of digital skills, the growing gap and the need to give people a chance to develop these vital skills to help us all succeed.”

National Coding Week is supported by platinum sponsor JT Group as well as Gold Sponsors Northcoders, and Bronze Sponsors Rocket Software. Organisations also supporting this year’s event include Makewaves, FutureLearn, Digital Festival and Women Who Code.

Ruth Ng, of Northcoders, added: “National Coding Week’s ambition aligns perfectly with what we are trying to achieve as an organisation. This week is about breaking down the barriers to learning key digital skills and demonstrating just how fun a career in code can be!”

Tamara O’Brien, Head of Marketing, Brand and Distribution at JT Global, said: “National Coding Week continues to raise awareness of the importance of learning digital skills and that can only be a good thing. An ability to code is already a useful tool and one that is set to become essential in our workforces as technology advances. We firmly believe that NCW will grow and grow and we’re proud to be a part of it.”

Andrew Simpson, engineer at Rocket Software and host of their HTML event, said: “IT skills are becoming increasingly important in today’s workforce. So we’re thrilled to be playing our part this National Coding Week to help people of all ages get to grips with the world of programming.”

HOW TO GET INVOLVED in National Coding Week 2017

  • Follow us on Twitter @codingweek
  • Tweet your support using the hashtag #NationalCodingWeek
  • Visit our website to attend an event in your area

Notes to editors

About National Coding Week: National Coding Week has been supported since inception by platinum sponsors JT Group and this year Northcoders have become Gold Sponsor. It was founded by former Headteacher Richard Rolfe to offer people the opportunity to gain digital skills within their local community. Their aim is to prove that anyone, irrespective of age and background, can learn to write computer code.

Jonathan Channing, young autistic tech entrepreneur, is the head of UK events. He learnt to code and established his own business after attending a simple training course.

For more information go to or follow @CodingWeek #NationalCodingWeek

About main sponsor, JT Group
Based in the Channel Islands, JT is part of the JT Group, an innovative and progressive global communications operator with a vision to become the partner of choice for global telecoms innovation. With over 120 years’ experience, JT is now the premier pan-island communications provider with an international presence across Europe, Asia and the United States that has aided its evolution in becoming a leading supplier in roamed services. JT has invested heavily in a resilient off-island network, helping robustly connect the Channel Islands internationally and support their place on the global business stage.

To find out more please visit, and

About Northcoders
Northcoders ( is the coding bootcamp for the North. Combining the best of our region, community spirit, grit and determination, with a love for what we do, has helped us achieve 91% graduate placement rates on our 12 week bootcamp. We’ve recently launched a part-time version of our course, that runs over 24 weeks, to make it more accessible and inclusive.

About Rocket Software
Rocket Software ( is a technology company that helps organisations in the IBM ecosystem build solutions that meet today’s needs while extending the value of their technology investments for the future.

Redgate adds data masking solution to its database DevOps portfolio

Cambridge UK, Monday 18 September – Redgate, the Cambridge UK based software company that is known for its tools that enable DevOps practices to be applied to database development, has acquired Net 2000, a leading provider of data masking solutions for SQL Server and Oracle databases.

Ongoing, high-profile data breaches have made businesses increasingly aware of the risks around data security, particularly in the finance, healthcare and charitable sectors. The introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in May next year is also raising awareness of the need to protect data both internally as well as externally.

Founded in 1995, Net 2000 has more than a decade’s experience in the data masking market. Its data masking technology replaces sensitive data like personally-identifiable information or credit card and payment details with fictional data that retains the look-and-feel of the original information. The database remains perfectly usable for development and still operates in the same way as the real data for testing and analysis, but the data content is secure.

The addition of the data masking solution to Redgate’s portfolio is a natural move for the software company, which counts 91% of Fortune 100 companies among its customers. Many of them work in industries where the implications of data privacy and sensitivity are already significant business concerns. Masked data offers valuable advantages across a wide range of business areas including business analysis, development, testing, and cloud adoption – any situation where there’s a privacy or security risk associated with using real, identifiable data.

“Data masking is a great fit with Redgate’s current SQL Server and Oracle database solutions,” says Mark Cheverton, Redgate’s CTO. “It complements our existing Database DevOps portfolio, and it’s a strong addition to the data governance offering we’re launching in 2018, ahead of the deadline for GDPR compliance. It means Redgate is in a great position to help customers balance the need to deliver software faster with the need to remain compliant.”

Net 2000 already has a wide range of customers, including those in the corporate, government and not-for-profit sectors. Redgate intends to improve the solution yet further by applying the same industry-leading user experience and design principles that make its products ingeniously simple.

“Our intention,” Mark Cheverton concludes, “is to give users of SQL Server and Oracle databases a solution that enables them to comply with regulations like GDPR without hindering their ability to apply agile development practices to their databases.”

– ENDS –

About Redgate Software
Redgate’s philosophy is to design highly usable, reliable tools which elegantly solve the problems developers and DBAs face every day, and help them to adopt database DevOps. As a result, more than 100,000 companies use products in the Redgate SQL Toolbelt, including 91% of those in the Fortune 100.

For further information, please contact:
Matt Hilbert, Technology Writer, Redgate Software
07564 778274

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