10 Mobile App Testing Practices You Need to Consider

Are you developing a mobile app? Have you invested in the mobile app testing phase? With the uprising competition in the mobile market, the mobile app developers and business leaders are in the race to launch their application sooner. In this situation, they often overlook the testing phase, which is completely unjustifiable.

The mobile app testing phase, as you might be familiar with, has a significant role in the success of the app. It ensures the standards of your application and predicts the success ratio of your app. If a mobile app is launched without putting efforts into the app testing, it is possible that the users face various major challenges and end up uninstalling the application. As a consequence, your mobile app will fail.

Do you want the same to happen in case of your application? If not, then look forward to these proven mobile app testing practices and launch an optimal mobile application:-

1. Know Your Target Audience

When it comes to mobile app testing, the foremost thing you need to consider is understanding your user base. Study the market to know what your users need – what are their expectations, pain points, and the alternatives they have. These insights will aid you to determine what’s important to your users and build usage patterns and mobile application testing strategy based on the same. In other words, have a comprehensive knowledge about your audience helps you to downsize the efforts you put in the testing phase, by considering only those metrics, devices and other resources that they prefer.

2. Build Device Groups

When you have the user demographic in your hand, the next thing to consider is creating varied mobile device groups. This will help you to categorize the concerns priority-wise and make the best of the app testing procedure. For example, suppose you created three groups A, B, and C representing the latest, old, and older devices, respectively. A will be at a higher priority, while B at lower, and C at the lowest.

Now, when a new feature or update is rolled out, you can easily analyze which group should be entertained with this new update. In this way, you can save time by preventing rolling out an update on least used devices.

3. Consider Standard Test Methods

Call it web testing or mobile app testing, the basics of the testing process is almost similar in both the platforms. So, do not overlook the standard test methods and terms like Boundary values, different coverage types, equivalence classes, acceptance criteria, etc. that you consider while web testing.

4. Test on Different Data Networks

One of the biggest challenges to the mobile app development companies is the abruption of their app’s working when the network fluctuates. Often, the mobile apps crash when the network goes uncertain, resulting in poor user experience. So, it is necessary to practice your application on multiple devices. By doing so, you can provide the end users with better experience and eventually, drive higher ROI.

5. Test for Multiple Languages

As the app localization is becoming a core element of mobile app marketing strategies, it is crucial to look into how your app performs in different languages. For example, if you translate a word from English to Chinese, there are higher chances that the character size and count will vary. This can result in encoding problems, which can further affect your app’s functioning as well as layout. Therefore, it is just to test your mobile app for different languages.

6. Test for Varied Hardware Features

Mobile devices, especially if you talk about Android devices, are packed with powerful hardware and sensors, like acceleration sensors, magnetic sensors, location sensors, pressure and temperature sensors, etc. To ensure that your mobile application employs such hardware and sensors and deliver the optimal experience, test your app against all the sensor-specific features.

Besides, make it certain that your mobile app goes well with the native mobile features like camera, microphone, display, and storage. This, as a whole, will help you to engage users in a better manner and ensure higher ROI.

7. Test for Battery Issues

Battery consumption is yet another factor you can’t overlook during mobile app testing. Various mobile app developers launch their app equipped with the best of the features and functionalities, but their apps fail to retain the user, majorly because those features drain out the whole of the device battery. Thus, it is advisable to keep a note of the battery state every 10 minutes while using the app against every feature. In this way, discover what features and functionalities you need to optimize to prevent battery drainage.

8. Test the App Usability

Checking the app usability is also crucial for ensuring app success in the market. So, don’t skimp this factor while testing your mobile app. Try different navigation paths to cover all the possibilities that a user might go with while using your application. Test each screen and UI element to ensure that the app works effectively. Also, make sure that the app guides users in error situations.

A great practice for testing the app usability is to consider beta testing. That means, asking your customers to check your application before launching it. This will help you to get understanding of how comfortable they are with your mobile app, what glitches they found, and therefore, ensure that your app rocks when reaches the market.

9. Check Log files and App Permissions

A glitch in the way your app responds to the app permissions and works on the log files increases the risk of hacking of the personal information. Due to this, the end users would uninstall the application while leaving a negative feedback; bringing a considerable impact on the app presence in the market.

So, it is imperative for the mobile app testers and quality analysts to consider app permissions and log files. It is necessary to connect the mobile device to your computer to evaluate the errors, check the log files, trace warnings, and the kind of information being shared on the platform, and more.

10. Test for the App Updates

Last but not least, it is must test your mobile application for every app update you will roll out. Use the tools offered by the popular mobile platforms and look into the app performance, and ensure that your mobile application does not crash in between.

Apart from this, check into the device storage consumption rate during installation/uninstallation of the mobile app.

Besides the aforementioned mobile app testing practices, you should consider various other app testing processes and practices to launch an app that market needs. And for that, it is advisable that you consult with the best mobile app development and testing company, or at least employ the best testing tools.


Author: Vijeta Khurana

How to verify a Web Development Company

This article is here to help you with picking the right web design and development company. We’ll cover the following matters:

  • How to find web design and development company?
  • How to find out if web design and development company is any good?
  • How to smoothly walk through the project by choosing the right web design and development company
  • What to expect after finishing a project with web design and development company?

Of course, I don’t reserve the right to know everything and it’s not the purpose of this article. Treat it like a roadmap.

For Whom:

  • People working on a daily basis with the remote teams, as this kind of people are in the constant point of looking for new web design and development company for new projects
  • People seeking for a web design and development company to develop their project
  • You – as I assume you landed here for a reason

Hope that no matter who you are you came here for a great piece of advice which I am about to give you right now. Let’s start.


In the times when finding a contact to someone has never been easier it would be a shame to waste that kind of opportunity while browsing for your next web design and development company. Collecting reviews from the past and current Clients can be the most important stage while seeking for a web design a development company. Why? It’s pretty obvious, isn’t it? Let’s imagine that you found potential web design and development company, you narrowed down the list to, let’s say, five of them. Now you should sit down and think of a couple of questions concerning the most crucial parts of your future project like: formalities, schedule, quality of work & communication, maintenance.

Looking for contact information in the first place go to the official website and social media profiles. Especially check Linkedin profile.

I recommend contacting C-level persons. Keep in mind that they are pretty busy people so try to keep your message short. In brief words explain why you’re approaching them. You also want them to open and answer you, you don’t want your message to be lost among others. That’s why you need to prepare your message a little bit.


If you wish not to contact people I have another thing coming how to quickly verify web design and development company. Have you ever heard about places like:

  • Clutch.co
  • GoodFirms
  • Capterra

Such services are very effective and popular. They are useful for both sides. As says Paweł Jackowski from Polish Software House: “Clutch is a very important source of leads for us. This platform enables companies to quickly check the competence of their contractors and give chance to know latest projects they have carried out”.

If no then you really should go and give them a try while planning your next web based project. Let me tell you in a few words why you should do that.

First of all, web design and development company shows price ranges over there so in the easy way you’re able to filter it according to the budget you have.

You can check all the important information about the web design and development company on Clutch, e.g. average hourly rate.

Second, of all, Clutch.co is a website that requires a lot of effort from web design and development company willing to be listed on Clutch.

How does it look? Each web design and development company that wants to be featured on Clutch must submit at least three representative works of their own. After that Clutch contacts Clients, people behind each of the project, to interview them on how all the web development process was handled by the company. They ask about:

  • project background
  • the quality of provided solution
  • satisfaction with the level of communication
  • things that in an opinion of the Client could have gone better
  • the general recommendation of a certain web development company

As an outcome of such an exact examination, future Clients know what to expect and can be sure that they are picking the right web design and development company for their project. What is more, they are aware of the budget scope.

It is also important to mention other great review services like Good Firms for example. They offer similar things to Clutch so you also should check them out.


Nowadays when you apply for a job in a company you’re asked to perform a test task. It plays an important role in a whole recruiting process because it shows your level of commitment for a certain job and things you can actually do in real life scenarios, apart from what your resume says.

It’s no different when you hire a web design and development company for a project.

In order to do this right, you should follow these tips.

Nicely ask web design and development company if they are willing to work on a test task. It’s still a delicate matter, so you have to stay gentle. There’s nothing more annoying for a Contractor than a Client that comes from the position of power telling them what to do. Try to be friendly right from the beginning.

If a company agrees (which is a good sign, score!) then prepare a small piece of a task for them. It is important to keep it short. The shorter it gets, while being conclusive, the faster you’ll see the results.

Remember that right from the start you should offer money for performing a test task. Even a small amount. It makes you look professional because it shows that you take seriously a whole thing. It also shows respect for someone’s time, work and it creates good, partner relationships for the future.

The whole idea with a test task makes senses only if you set proper key performance indicators which you are going to measure. Of course, every project is different and it is impossible to give a list of all the indicators, but there are general things that are universal for every project.

In my opinion, things that are indispensable for a web development project can be narrowed down to three general things:

  • The quality of that small piece of work you asked to be done. It simply shows the company’s ability to work under pressure.
  • Communication – that simple test task is the best way to find out if people you’re going to cooperate with share the same work attitude as you. It’s crucial.
  • Deadline – it’s funny how people often don’t meet the deadline they set for themselves. By asking a web development company to perform a test task you’re able to verify if they work on schedule.


Presented ideas so far focused on how to pick and verify a web design and development company for your project.

But as important as it is to smoothly walk through a project is to know what kind of things to expect after finishing one.

What are those things?

First of all the maintenance of implemented project. As you can imagine this part is also really important. Why? Because you’re operating on a live body. No one wants fuck ups in a production environment. But hey – let’s face it – fuck ups do happen and key to get rid of them is to have people who’ll take care of it. Here’s a point where having reliable people on board that developed the whole thing is paying off.

Worry free situation is when you are fully aware of what kind of help and support you can expect. It is indispensable to settle all that matters before final implementation of your product. Stuff that you should agree on is their responsibilities. Their range. Of course with that comes agreeing on money amount that they’ll charge for being on duty.

Next thing to look after is a warranty that web design a development company provide after implementing your project. That thing should be included in the contract between you guys. You should check:

  • How long does a warranty last?
  • Does it cover all elements that are part of the contract?
  • Does it specify all kinds of assistance during the warranty period?

These are just three main parts that you should check, but it is a really important part so be sure that you are fully secure. Of course topic of this article are not warranties (hell, that is a topic for another article) so you better go online and check things that you should conclude about a warranty.

Last but not least – copyrights. Obvious thing but more than once I have heard stories about people or companies that forgot to discuss and include that matter in the contract which turned out to be a big problem for them after all. Of course, if you’re working with a serious web design and development company I am sure that they are not kind of people trying to screw you over in that area, but I’m just saying – it cost you nothing to ask them, include copyrights in the contract and then sleep well.


In this article, we wanted to share some knowledge that comes from almost ten years of experience working as a web design and web development company. All of the things discussed in this piece are there to help you to avoid low-quality companies and to encourage you to go and find only the best ones.

To sum up:

  • The best way to find great web design a development company is to go find one and then confront their portfolio with the Clients they are working with. There’s this saying: the one who asks never wanders around. Be that guy, don’t be afraid to ask.
  • Get to know with the review services like the ones described in this article. Clutch.co is one of them.
  • Remember about the connected world. Everyone’s online now, especially people behind IT companies. Go and check them out.
  • Propose a test task. It is always a good idea. When conducting one follow the steps above and make use of the good advice mentioned before to do it right.


John Pallister | john@digitalbizsolutions.net

Optimize Records with Data Scrubbing Software

Every industry dwelling in the extremely tenacious market is striving to prove its potential in order to outshine others. This scenario demands strategic steps that involve proper management of data as well as manpower.

A well-planned organization performs better than the others, irrespective of the category it deals with. Hence, it is important to take care of the expenses and database, which are the prime assets of a firm. How to administer these strategies while improving the integrated performance? By the end of this article, you will have a clear idea of the same.

Implementation of Proper Management Techniques

As mentioned above, database is one of the essential components of a company, irrespective of size and industry. Data scrubbing software offers you a way to manage your organization data with utmost care and proficiency to get the most from it. Taking care of millions of records of an organization is not an easy task to accomplish.

Employing automated software in the system will resolve the challenges associated with the elevating amount of records. Is there any specially designed software that handles the dynamic database?

Will it be wise to invest further in software while industries are looking forward to trimming the expenses? Through this article, we will check these on a brief note.

Software to Manage Huge Database

Quality of data is directly proportional to the revenue generation as it deals with the relationship with the customers. Therefore, it is inevitable to clean the existing database and make sure the fresh entries are inserted in an accurate manner to avoid any discrepancies.

Data scrubbing software ( https://dataladder.com/data-scrubbing-software/ ): It efficiently manages data regardless of the size of database. It accomplishes the task by removing the duplicate, irrelevant, obsolete, and improper information from the principal record, resulting in an enriched database. It not only streamlines the activities associated with your company but also saves ample amount of money, preserving the budget.

Basics of Data Cleaning Software

Data scrubbing or cleaning software is a perfect amalgamation of the tools which deal with messy data of a firm. It is specially designed to come to the rescue of the firms that face mismanagement of database. It examines an array of records in order to procure enriched data free of any duplicate and irrelevant entries. It not only diminishes the effort on your side but also ensures enhanced productivity and elevated revenue generation.

Importance of Data Scrubbing Software

Erroneous and redundant information results in the creation of pseudo leads that transforms the resources into a bad investment. Hence, it is essential to take care of the rising concerns since its advent.

Scrubbing refers to cleaning of database in order to achieve an error-free outcome that is used for establishing a successful business. It effectively removes hundreds of duplicate pieces of information stored in database to help create strategic marketing policies. It also assists in understanding the current status of the business to plan the future endeavors.

Is It Inevitable to Go For Data Quality Management?

Running an organization without proper management of data is equivalent to investing your money without an expectation of enhanced return. Customers are the babies of a firm that demands acute attention and proper administration. A simple mistake, even if you are loaded with millions of customers, can cost your company a bad reputation.

This is a parasite that dwells on your negative decisions resulting in an enormous downfall of the business. Hence, it is inevitable to implement well-designed steps in order to enjoy elevated profit and customer satisfaction.

Revamping Database with This Splendid Software

Data scrubbing software is designed to preserve the exclusive records of the clients who are vulnerable to changing scenarios. Implementation of this software not only ensures retention of the existing customers, but also contributes to the acquisition of new clients.

Let us have a look at the steps that describe the activities accomplished by data cleansing tools:

  • Removal of redundant information– Manual elimination of repetitive cells from the entire database is not possible, which is done in a jiffy by the process of automation. It identifies every duplicate from database and deletes it to obtain non-repetitive sets of records.
  • Matching & merging– Creating a master list is a challenge as an organization has sales as well as service points. This software successfully merges the appropriate fields under a particular client to design a principal record for reference.
  • Rectification of email addresses– It successfully identifies the invalid email IDs and offers relevant suggestions for valid replacements.
  • Eliminating unwanted characters– Presence of an extra space or wrong spellings may lead to the creation of duplicate records. It successfully wipes the unwanted characters and punctuation marks that result in an invalid outcome.
  • Identification of missing data– Due to numerous sources of entries and sales points, it is natural to have information scattered across the entire database. This software successfully accumulates relevant information of specific clients to offer a unified view.
  • Correction of name cases– If planning to initiate direct marketing, it is essential to ensure the spellings and cases of the names are correct. In absence of this, it may impose negative impression on the clients. Data scrubbing tools locate the anomalies and take necessary steps to rectify the same.

How to Implement this Software?

There are numerous service providers in the market that claim to offer a bespoke solution to meet the exclusive demands of the firms. However, it is important to identify the breach between the commitment and reality, which will decide the worth of your investment.

Data Ladder offers the most user-friendly solution in order to cope with the elevating issues of database management.


Maintenance of high-quality database distinguishes you from the other enterprises with poorly managed records. Implementation of data scrubbing software paves a smooth path for your organization to establish itself in the tenacious market.

Give your organization a boost by bestowing it with the exclusive software with an array of attributes that will help it cleanse and de-duplicate the current database. This will reap greater benefits in the years to come.

Author: Sohel Ather

How Do the Companies Benefit from Data Cleansing software?

Data is the most significant component that helps in executing seamless transactions in an organization. It not only allows the employees to establish a healthy relationship with the clients but also enable the administrators to design strategic products to achieve success.

Have you noticed a hike in customer dissatisfaction? Are you coming across elevated complaints of repetitive contact from the potential customers? Are the payment checks being dispatched to invalid addresses? These are the grave concerns that need sorting with an immediate effect. Let us have a look at ways to deal with these issues.

Appropriate Management of an Enormous Storage of Data

Nothing is more contending than the fact that your organization is presented with an enormous amount of data to work with. However, management of these sets of records is more important than having them, as improper handling will attract further dissatisfaction.

While seeking a solution to the aforementioned issues, you may have come across the term data cleansing tools. Is it worth the investment? Are these tools essential for an organization? Through this article, we will understand the basic principle of these tools and the primary attributes associated with it.

What is Data Cleansing?

In simple words, data cleansing is the finest method of removing junk from the pieces of information available in a company. It extracts the essential records from a heap of information, making the fresh set of data easy to access as well as administer. It is also known as data scrubbing that effectively removes irrelevant data from vital pieces of information.

In addition to this, it also rectifies the incorrect information, which ensures an integrated consistency of database.

Why is Data Cleaning Needed?

The way an object, if kept unattended, tends to accumulate dirt on it, data is also susceptible to attract errors. The inflow of data in an organization is an endless process that is vulnerable to get repeated and infected with passing time. The flaws refer to inadequate, redundant, inappropriate, contradictory, variable, imperfect, deficient, and obsolete data, which serves no fruitful purpose.

Data scrubbing tools effectively validate existing information by removing the inefficiencies and establishing refined data.

Importance of Data Cleaning Tools

Software and IT operations are huge arenas to deal with that encounter numerous problems on a daily basis. However, experts in this field believe inefficient data to be the most critical area of concern. It not only eats up space from the storage capacity by loading database with junk but also depletes the speed of execution, reducing productivity. Hence, implementing data cleaning can prove to be extremely valuable for both the administrator as well as employees.

Tools related to the cleansing of data can be manual as well as automated, which are implemented as per the needs of a company. The automated tools are best suited for huge sets of records, as these are predefined with procedures and rules associated with the cleansing process. These are programmed in a specific manner to delete irrelevant and redundant information.

Another advancement associated with these tools is the auto-correction of information related to the addresses. It identifies the location of the clients using satellite and removes the inappropriate entries.

Benefits of Data Cleansing Tools

In most of the industries, database is not properly executed creating hindrance in scalability. However, implementing appropriate tools associated with data cleansing leads to the extraction of great profits with elevated productivity. It also deals with the input of dynamic information of the clients, contributing to hiked satisfaction. The business enterprises can enjoy various other benefits offered by the tool, which are as follows:

  • Improved activities related to customer procurement: – The marketing process gets a positive boost due to the systematic arrangement of data. This also drives the client procurement activities in a fruitful direction that significantly improves the quality of service offered.
  • Target marketing: – Presence of relevant information in database ensures accurate email as well as postal addresses. This enables the employees to contact the customers without any failure, saving on resources and time.
  • Improved decisionmaking process: – Implementation of proper data quality management ensures your organization never misses a single input of a particular client. This allows you to design better-performing products and services as the analytics and integrated business intelligence leads to a better execution of the speculated ideas.
  • Unified practices of business: – Removing irrelevant information from database ensures streamlined business practices that lead to elevated sales and proper management of the existing clients.
  • Successful marketing campaign: – In case of a failed marketing campaign, you can easily study the trail of events associated with the customer response and design the next step accordingly.
  • Enhanced productivity: – The employees can make the most of their working hours with the help of enriched database that is free of any error.
  • Boosts revenue generation: – The response rate of the customers improves drastically as the communication is re-directed in a personalized direction. This results in enhanced conversion rate and elevated revenue generation.
  • Expansion of business: – Business houses depend on existing database before deciding on expansion of business. Therefore, proper information fetches relevant speculation resulting in a logical decision.

It is clear from the above mentioned benefits that implementation of appropriate data cleansing tools is vital for the growth of an organization. However, selection of a competent service provider is also important. Data Ladder designs strategized steps that help in the fruitful execution of the existing database in an affordable manner.


The cornerstone of a successful business is the presence of relevant customer database that is loaded with appropriate and non-repetitive information. Introduction of the finest data cleansing tools ensures you enjoy the most from the available sources of information without any hindrance.

The key to achieving success while running a business is to hire a robust service provider that will design a tailored solution to meet your specific needs. Mobilize greater outcomes from your business with enriched data procured from the unparalleled tools.

Author: Sohel Ather

Windows – The Perfect Family Operating System!

Are you wondering what’s the best laptop or computer for your entire family? Have you been on the hunt for the perfect computer operating system for the family? Well, we highly recommend Windows. Windows is one of the leading and most popular operating systems across the globe. This operating system is used by families everywhere. If you’re getting a new personal computer for the house, you can get any computer that supports the Windows operating system. All the family members, irrespective of age, will find it extremely easy and convenient to use this operating system. There are several different versions of Windows operating system available in the market. While the new age systems run ok Windows 10, the older ones include Windows 7, 8 and Vista, XP. If you’re looking out for the Windows XP product key, you can get it online. All of these versions have an excellent interface and are easy to use. Downloading the latest versions of Windows is also simple and easy. You will automatically get an upgrade message on your computer when the latest version of the software is out and you can download it from the Windows site.

Affordable Laptops And Personal Computers

While there are tons of operating systems available in the market, the best part about purchasing a computer with the Windows operating system is that it is extremely affordable. You can get reasonably priced laptops and computers that are useful for the entire family. While other operating systems may be at par with the windows one, the gadgets and computers that are available with other operating systems are very highly priced and often unaffordable for many. If you’re looking out for something inexpensive yet sturdy and durable, opt for any of the Windows laptops.

User-Friendly Operating System

Another reason why a large number of people opt for Windows laptops and computers is because these laptops and computers are completely user friendly. People from all age groups find it very easy to manoeuver around the Windows operating system. Even people who aren’t comfortable with technology manage to work with the Windows operating system with ease. The Windows OS is very straightforward and all the programs and apps are very easy to access. Even people who are senior citizens and have limited knowledge of computers will get comfortable with the Windows operating system within a matter of hours.

Search Bar In The Windows Operating System

Another reason why the Windows operating system is so easy to use and hassle-free is because of its excellent and super-interactive search bar. Whether you’re looking out for a specific file or a document or a game or even an app, you can find them all by just typing out the name of the file or app in the search bar. Even if you just type the first three of four alphabets of the app name into the search bar, the search bar will pop up all the relevant options for you to choose from. Often when you end up saving an important file in a folder, over a period of time you forget which folder you had saved the file in. In such cases you can just type the name of your file into the search bar and it will pop up.

Games For Windows

If you’re buying a Windows computer for your family then your kids will definitely want to play some fun games on the computer. People who wish to play games on the computer will find the Windows operating system to be an absolute delight. There are countless gaming companies from across the globe that have created games specially for Windows computers. Games of all genres are available for Windows. Whether you’re looking out for sports games, racing games, farming games, educational games or any other kind, you can find something that will be compatible with your Windows operating system.

Microsoft Office – The Perfect Office Partner

The best part about Windows is its inbuilt Microsoft Office program. This program is super useful for working parents who need to make charts and graphs and other presentations for their work purposes. Even school children can use these awesome programs to make their school projects and presentations. Some of the programs that come with Microsoft Office include Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Outlook and many others. Writers will find Microsoft Word to be a real boon. People who are looking to make some crazy and unique presentations can use Microsoft PowerPoint for the same.

Installing Anti-Virus Software On Your Windows Computer

If you’re looking to get a Windows laptop or computer for your family, you need to make sure that you install an anti-virus software for the system. When Windows computers are connected to the Internet or a Wi-Fi connection, they automatically become susceptible to viruses. If you don’t want an awful virus eating away all your data or making your computer crash, then an anti-virus software is absolutely essential. You can purchase the anti-virus software from your local computer dealer, from any electronics store or even online. Beware when purchasing the anti-virus however, because there are a lot of anti-virus software that are fake and only end up ruining your computer.

Windows For Students

A lot of people in college prefer to use Windows laptops for taking down notes, for creating presentations and for other projects. A large number of students opt for Windows laptops also because of the fact that they are far more affordable than the other available options. As a student if you purchase a Windows laptop, you can even receive a student discount on your purchase at certain retailers.

Windows has gained a large global market share. People from across the world opt for Windows laptops for their families. If you’re looking to buy a personal computer for the living room that everyone at home can use, then you definitely want to consider buying a Windows operating system computer. Dell, HP, Sony and other such leading brands offer the Windows operating system on their computers.

Author: Sohel Ather

Understanding the Importance of Comparison of CDN Providers of SpaceCDN

CDN or Content Delivery Network is a very simple and clean concept. The performance of the websites can be dramatically improved with the incorporation of CDN. If the infrastructure of web hosting is optimized by this technology, the business can easily enjoy ample benefits along with enhanced speed. CDN has been proven to benefit all the industries, irrespective of the size. It reduces the geographical distance between the end users and the host server. With the reduced physical distance, the latency is diminished greatly that contributes to the easy availability of the websites. To understand it in a better way, it is important to know, what is latency? Latency or network latency is an interpretation of time taken by a packet of data to travel from one point to the other.

How Does CDN Reduce the Distance Between the End Users and Host Server?

CDN comprises of a group of web servers that are placed in strategic locations to reach the maximum users. The distributed nodes or edge servers are cached with the static contents of the websites. Now, what are static contents? There are three types of contents present in a web page. Dynamic, static, and streaming contents among which, the static content utilizes the most of the up time. However, among these contents, the static contents can be easily delivered to the end users without any modification or processing.  Hence, the static content of a web page is distributed in various edge servers located across the world. It is a server that rests on the edge between the two networks, which are typically the internet and private network.

Is CDN Hosting Better Than the Traditional Web Hosting?

Gone are the times when the traditional web hosting was the only way of accessing the websites. It is not proficient enough to meet the elevating demands of the people from the world of digitization. There are a number of differences between traditional web hosting and CDN such as-

  • Web hosting is typically utilized to host a website on a server, which can be accessed through the internet. In contrast, CDN is utilized to enhance the speed of the content delivery to the end users.
  • Traditional web hosting delivers the entire content to the users whereas CDN delivers only the static content to the users.
  • Traditional technology demands more time to reach the server than the CDN as it has nodes distributed in numerous locations.
  • Web hosting is on a particular host server whereas through CDN the websites can be accessed via multi-host ambiance.
  • The host server is located in a single position whereas the edge servers are located across the globe.

Why go for CDN?

When organizations look for scopes to authenticate business on the internet, the prime concern becomes to attract more traffic. Whether the organization is huge or small, the websites must embrace a technology that can easily handle a huge amount of traffic. If a website offers sale or discounts, the traffic hikes in a short span of time. To cater to the elevating needs of the people, it is important to incorporate CDN into the IT infrastructure. Alteration of the existing architecture is not needed to incorporate CDN into the system, which is a great feature. Whether it is an image, video, or live streaming, the contents are delivered to the end users seamlessly with enhanced speed. The comparison CDN provider of SpaceCDN offers one of the best solutions by helping you make a better choice that stand up to the expectations immensely.

Which of the Industries are benefitted by CDN the Most?

The prime purpose of CDN is to reduce the latency and accentuate the website rendering performance and speed. Though all the industries can be benefitted with it, some of the websites enjoy its perks the most. The entertainment and media companies that have alluring contents like video, images, animations, graphics, and media-rich contents, are offered with extreme privilege. Apart from it, the Banking Financial Services & Insurance or BFSI can incorporate CDN into their system. It not only allows the clients to access the websites with ease, but also offers security to the infrastructure.

Is it Necessary to Handover the Digital Assets to CDN?

CDN enhances the speed and performance of a website by minimizing the distance between the nodes and servers. This reduces the distance as well as the latency, contributing to an enhanced user experience. Some of the criteria that make it necessary for all the websites are as follows:

  • Enhanced security– CDN protects the web pages from the malicious attacks. Since the core infrastructure is protected with the CDN infrastructure, the website is protected greatly.
  • Easy scaling- CDN resists the traffic from hitting the cloud infrastructure and center of core data.
  • Global presence- With scattered architecture and resistance from DDoS attack, CDN can be accessed globally. Hence, customers from all across the globe can be easily targeted for the conversion into the potential clients.
  • Lower costs- Apart from the enhanced speed, CDN also contributes to the diminished cloud hosting or data center investment.


CDN was initially implemented in the web pages that encounter a high amount of traffic. However, it is now used in most of the websites. People have greater expectations from the websites and the administrators thrive to fulfill it. In the present scenario, the market is overflowing with numerous options from a single genre. This has enhanced the competition in a great way. This has also compelled them to incorporate CDN into their websites. This will highly contribute to the performance of the websites, positively affecting the customer satisfaction. The comparison CDN provider of SpaceCDN offers a competitive rate based on the bandwidth usage per month. It considers several other providers to offer the finest solution to the clients. The experts make sure the solution is well-suited to the clients regardless of the size of the organization. They design tailored CDN solutions so the organization can outshine the others in a minimum frame of time.

Author: Sohel Ather

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