Test Insane Software Testing Company Offering Exploratory Testing Services Launched in India

A group of computer engineers from India are excited to live their dreams before they die. They have the attitude of, “The time is now to do it,” and they are none other than Test Insane (https://testinsane.com/). Test Insane was an idea by Santhosh Tuppad (Founder, Test Insane) which focuses on software testing services along with research and development for developing tools / utilities / web-browser plug-ins to aid testing activity. During the launch, Santhosh Tuppad said the vision of Test Insane is very simple and plain to understand: “Being happy by doing what we love to.”

Now, coming to the story of Test Insane Software Testing Company, the services Test Insane provides stands out from the crowd. Test Insane focuses on a Exploratory Testing approach, but in a unique way while the foundation remains the same. While they want to be a small team, they also want to deliver huge value. Not to forget that there are additional benefits for long-term customers. Not that short-term customers will not get benefits, but for long-term customers, they would have enough bandwidth in terms of time to cater those additional benefits.

Test Insane is also open-source contributor and develops software for testing community which would be freeware. Santhosh Tuppad says, “We believe in giving love without expecting anything back, but it is always good to feel nice whenever we get back that love. In simple terms, our heart wants us to be open-source contributors, and we are insane in following our heart; we hate compromises.” Some people said it is not possible when Test Insane mentioned that they would release one tool or utility or browser add-on or a product every month (Example: Test Insane is releasing a quiz application globally for software testers with 500+ multiple choice questions; it will be like a learning tool which focuses on technical testing skills).


Here is a sneak peek of the services offered by Test Insane Software Testing Company.

  • Functional Testing
  • Web Security Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Usability & Accessibility Testing
  • Compliance Testing
  • UI / UX Testing
  • Web Check Automation
  • Test Frameworks Development
  • Anything and everything to test better

Now, this list looks similar to what other vendors may be providing; however, what matters is how these services are being performed. This is where Test Insane stands out.

Test Insane wants clients to try its service to experience the advantages of its unique approach.

Test Insane loves to explore these industries:

  • Media
  • Banking & Finance
  • Adult / Porn
  • Gaming
  • Insurance
  • Mobile
  • Education
  • Electronic Commerce
  • Healthcare

What are we missing? Write to us!


  • Test Insane will surprise their customers with their innovations if project is for long-term. (Thanks to our R&D Innovation wing.)
  • Test Insane doesn’t do just functional testing, even if the customer asks for functional testing only; Test Insane team organizes their time to help the customer with additional testing of other quality attributes as well, and they do not charge extra for it. This is for long-term customers only. If clients want to cut-down the costs in outsourcing their testing, they should speak to Test Insane.


Test Insane rate cards / billing are less comparatively while the value delivered is very high. Who doesn’t like more for less? Test Insane wants to see that happy feeling in their customers. Since they are very passionate about what they do, their dedication remains high, and this is the reason they deliver maximum value to their customers.

To know more about Test Insane and how they can help keep outsourcing costs low, write to them at sales(at)testinsane(dot)com.

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Gurock introduces TestRail 4.0 with redesigned UX

Gurock announced TestRail 4.0 today, a new version of their web-based test management tool. TestRail is used by software teams to manage and organize their testing efforts and to track the quality of software projects. TestRail directly integrates with popular issue tracking tools such as Atlassian JIRA.

Gurock redesigned TestRail’s interface from the ground up to provide a modern user experience for testing teams. TestRail 4.0 also introduces bulk editing and rich filtering options to make it easier to update and work with many test cases.

Another area Gurock focused on is improving the navigation in the application. Unlike most web applications, TestRail now remembers the exact state of pages when testers move between suites and tests. This makes it faster and more productive to work with test suites, according to Gurock.

The development team behind TestRail also worked on a new baseline mode. Similar to version control systems like Git and Subversion, TestRail’s baselines can be used to maintain separate branches of test suites and cases in parallel. This can be useful for teams that need to work on multiple major versions at the same time.

TestRail 4.0 also comes with various other new features and improvements. Gurock improved the built-in Todo tab to assign and track tests for individual testers. Additional reports make it easier to identify new and updated tests and Gurock also updated TestRail’s JIRA integration to work with issue links.

“We closely listened to many leading testing teams and redesigned TestRail based on their excellent feedback,” said Dennis Gurock, CEO of the company. “We are really proud that TestRail is adopted by so many new testing teams every week and we specifically built TestRail to work well with any workflow or team size.”

TestRail 4.0 is available both as a web-based SaaS/cloud edition and can be installed by customers on their own server. A free trial version of TestRail is available on Gurock’s website.

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BlazeMeter Acquires Loadosophia; State-of-the-Art Analytics Reporting Technology for Apache JMeter Users

BlazeMeter, the leading load and performance testing as a self-service platform for mobile, web and APIs, today announced the acquisition of Loadosophia, which provides state-of-the-art analytics technology for JMeter users. Andrey Pokhilko, Loadosophia and JMeter-Plugins.org founder, joins BlazeMeter’s executive team as Chief Scientist.

The acquisition of Loadosophia and the addition of Pokhilko’s technological expertise and performance testing experience enhance BlazeMeter’s product innovation and next generation performance testing solutions.  BlazeMeter users will be able to utilize Loadosophia’s technology, and further innovations are on the product roadmap. Loadosophia’s customers will continue to be fully supported by BlazeMeter.

“Andrey is one of the most skilled performance testing experts I know. It’s a real honor to have him join my team. I’m certain that together we will accomplish great things that will benefit the entire performance testing community,” said Alon Girmonsky, Founder and CEO of BlazeMeter. “I’m constantly looking to add new technologies that complement BlazeMeter’s platform. Andrey and his team’s insights in JMeter development and performance testing, as well as his deep understanding of the needs of large scale testing in an agile development environment will give an invaluable boost to our technological advancements.”

As BlazeMeter’s Chief Scientist, Pokhilko will be responsible for developing, expanding and managing the company’s product portfolio to address the growing needs of its prospects and customers. He will also continue to give back to the community by leading educational activities and launching open source initiatives.

“I am extremely passionate about the Apache JMeter community and that’s why I’ve dedicated so many years to supporting the community and understanding their challenges,” said Andrey Pokhilko, BlazeMeter’s Chief Scientist. “Joining BlazeMeter will enable me to make a huge impact on the load performance testing community. My vision is to make BlazeMeter the center of excellence for load testing and where the community comes to resolve all of their performance testing issues.”

Pokhilko is a renowned thought-leader and innovator within the Apache JMeter and performance testing community. He has worked extensively to create and develop tools that enhance the Apache JMeter protocol coverage and analytical reporting capabilities. In 2009, Pokhilko founded JMeter-Plugins.org and led this open source project to its undisputed status as the premier source of JMeter Plugins in the world. Loadosophia was similarly born from Pokhilko’s desire to complete JMeter’s offerings. Pokhilko has world-class experience with large scale performance testing, having led the load testing team for five years at search engine giant Yandex.

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Global Services Division Drives Growth at Vector Software

Vector Software, the world’s leading provider of innovative software solutions for robust embedded software quality, announced today that Mr. Francois Guay has been named Director of Certification. Owing to the strong demand for Vector Software’s Global Services expertise, and a deep need for safety-critical certification services and mentoring, the company is scaling up to meet the needs of the marketplace.

Mr. Guay is a recognized certification services expert with nearly three decades of experience working in the stringent safety-critical aerospace industry. Mr. Guay recently held executive positions at FWGC & Associates, ENSCO, and BAE Systems. His credentials include these Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Designated Engineering Representative (DER) Delegations: Level A DO-178B Software and Level A DO-254 Programmable Hardware. In addition, he holds certifications for Safety Systems and Equipment (Communications, Navigation, Flight Controls, and Electronics), High Intensity Radiated Fields (HIRF) and Lightning, ARP-4761, and ARP-4754A. Mr. Guay is an FAA DER authorized for virtually all forms of aircraft including commercial jets, general aviation, and rotorcraft (helicopters). Furthermore, he has taught Safety, Software, and Programmable Hardware since 2000 to FAA employees, and to over one thousand students from over one hundred companies in fifteen countries.

Currently, Mr. Guay makes his home in Riverside, CA and holds Bachelor’s degrees in Electrical Technology and Electrical Engineering from the University of Quebec ETS (Montreal, Canada), in addition to a diploma in Electronics from the CEGEP de l’Outaouais (Hull, Canada).

“Demand for our unique blend of mentoring and expertise has been very strong, as organizations are struggling to obtain certification that their systems meet safety-critical standards”, said Vance Hilderman, Director of Global Services, Vector Software. “We’re thrilled to have Francois Guay, a highly respected professional, in the role of Director of Certification at Vector Software. Having Francois aboard full-time as a Vector employee and Director of Certification reinforces Vector’s best-in-class role for both products and services.”

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Telerik Named ‘Visionary’ in Two Gartner 2014 Magic Quadrants

Telerik® today announced that it has been positioned as a ‘Visionary’ in the Gartner 2014 Magic Quadrant for Integrated Software Quality Suites. This is the second consecutive Telerik inclusion this year in a Gartner report. Telerik has also been included as a ‘Visionary’ in the Gartner 2014 Magic Quadrant for Mobile Application Development Platforms, announced earlier this month.

According to Gartner research, “Testing software can be an expensive process, but poor software quality leads to user dissatisfaction, as well as increased development and maintenance. Therefore, having a well-defined set of tools and practices to drive software quality will positively affect the bottom line of the business.”1

Telerik works closely with its community of 1.4 million developers worldwide to make the development process effortless. Telerik Test Studio and Telerik Mobile Testing are integral parts of the application development lifecycle, as automated testing enables the ability to proactively find issues by continually testing apps on any browser and/or device, including iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

“We are relentless in our efforts to provide tools and technologies that support every aspect of the app development lifecycle,” said Aaron Mahimainathan, Chief Product Officer, Telerik. “Our ‘Visionary’ designation in two 2014 Gartner Magic Quadrants is a testament to our success in serving the global development community by meeting our customers’ demanding, evolving cross-platform needs.”

To see a complimentary view of the full 2014 Integrated Software Quality Suites report, please visit: http://www.telerik.com/campaigns/teststudio/gartner-magic-quadrant-report.

To see a complimentary view of the full 2014 Mobile Application Development Platforms, please visit: http://www.telerik.com/campaigns/platform/gartner-magic-quadrant-report.

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