Windows – The Perfect Family Operating System!

Are you wondering what’s the best laptop or computer for your entire family? Have you been on the hunt for the perfect computer operating system for the family? Well, we highly recommend Windows. Windows is one of the leading and most popular operating systems across the globe. This operating system is used by families everywhere. If you’re getting a new personal computer for the house, you can get any computer that supports the Windows operating system. All the family members, irrespective of age, will find it extremely easy and convenient to use this operating system. There are several different versions of Windows operating system available in the market. While the new age systems run ok Windows 10, the older ones include Windows 7, 8 and Vista, XP. If you’re looking out for the Windows XP product key, you can get it online. All of these versions have an excellent interface and are easy to use. Downloading the latest versions of Windows is also simple and easy. You will automatically get an upgrade message on your computer when the latest version of the software is out and you can download it from the Windows site.

Affordable Laptops And Personal Computers

While there are tons of operating systems available in the market, the best part about purchasing a computer with the Windows operating system is that it is extremely affordable. You can get reasonably priced laptops and computers that are useful for the entire family. While other operating systems may be at par with the windows one, the gadgets and computers that are available with other operating systems are very highly priced and often unaffordable for many. If you’re looking out for something inexpensive yet sturdy and durable, opt for any of the Windows laptops.

User-Friendly Operating System

Another reason why a large number of people opt for Windows laptops and computers is because these laptops and computers are completely user friendly. People from all age groups find it very easy to manoeuver around the Windows operating system. Even people who aren’t comfortable with technology manage to work with the Windows operating system with ease. The Windows OS is very straightforward and all the programs and apps are very easy to access. Even people who are senior citizens and have limited knowledge of computers will get comfortable with the Windows operating system within a matter of hours.

Search Bar In The Windows Operating System

Another reason why the Windows operating system is so easy to use and hassle-free is because of its excellent and super-interactive search bar. Whether you’re looking out for a specific file or a document or a game or even an app, you can find them all by just typing out the name of the file or app in the search bar. Even if you just type the first three of four alphabets of the app name into the search bar, the search bar will pop up all the relevant options for you to choose from. Often when you end up saving an important file in a folder, over a period of time you forget which folder you had saved the file in. In such cases you can just type the name of your file into the search bar and it will pop up.

Games For Windows

If you’re buying a Windows computer for your family then your kids will definitely want to play some fun games on the computer. People who wish to play games on the computer will find the Windows operating system to be an absolute delight. There are countless gaming companies from across the globe that have created games specially for Windows computers. Games of all genres are available for Windows. Whether you’re looking out for sports games, racing games, farming games, educational games or any other kind, you can find something that will be compatible with your Windows operating system.

Microsoft Office – The Perfect Office Partner

The best part about Windows is its inbuilt Microsoft Office program. This program is super useful for working parents who need to make charts and graphs and other presentations for their work purposes. Even school children can use these awesome programs to make their school projects and presentations. Some of the programs that come with Microsoft Office include Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Outlook and many others. Writers will find Microsoft Word to be a real boon. People who are looking to make some crazy and unique presentations can use Microsoft PowerPoint for the same.

Installing Anti-Virus Software On Your Windows Computer

If you’re looking to get a Windows laptop or computer for your family, you need to make sure that you install an anti-virus software for the system. When Windows computers are connected to the Internet or a Wi-Fi connection, they automatically become susceptible to viruses. If you don’t want an awful virus eating away all your data or making your computer crash, then an anti-virus software is absolutely essential. You can purchase the anti-virus software from your local computer dealer, from any electronics store or even online. Beware when purchasing the anti-virus however, because there are a lot of anti-virus software that are fake and only end up ruining your computer.

Windows For Students

A lot of people in college prefer to use Windows laptops for taking down notes, for creating presentations and for other projects. A large number of students opt for Windows laptops also because of the fact that they are far more affordable than the other available options. As a student if you purchase a Windows laptop, you can even receive a student discount on your purchase at certain retailers.

Windows has gained a large global market share. People from across the world opt for Windows laptops for their families. If you’re looking to buy a personal computer for the living room that everyone at home can use, then you definitely want to consider buying a Windows operating system computer. Dell, HP, Sony and other such leading brands offer the Windows operating system on their computers.

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Opt for Cost-efficient VPS for Website Management

Pertaining to the elevating demands of online businesses, it is important to create a unique brand to stay active in this highly competitive industry. In this ambitious scenario, you can’t compromise on the efficiency as people prefer faster response rates. Hosting service makes it easier and convenient for you to reach out to millions of people at the same time. Although the anomaly in bandwidth is distance based, you need to understand the need for hosting service before creating a website. VPS server for website acts as a bridge to make web hosting experience better.

Need for Web Hosting Service

After registering the domain name of your website, it’s now time to look for options proposed by hosting service. It will allow your website to access the internet through a server, making it visible to the people across the world. It can be availed in various forms depending on your infrastructure, demand, and budget. The primary step of initiating an online business is to develop an alluring website, but it is inevitable to opt for an appropriate hosting service. It caches your website in a server and makes it available to a wider audience. This ensures your business enjoys maximum exposure, leading to an accelerated profit.

Types of Web Hosting Services

There are various web hosting services available that can be chosen depending on its attributes and compatibility with your website. They are as follows:

  • Shared hosting service
  • Dedicated hosting service
  • Virtual Private Server hosting service
  • Managed hosting service
  • Reseller hosting service
  • Colocation hosting service
  • Cloud-based hosting service
  • Self-service hosting

Among the aforementioned hosting services, shared hosting is the most affordable option but has restricted features, which makes it unsuitable for the top-notch enterprises. On the other hand, dedicated hosting service offers unmatched and unrestricted attributes, making it a favorable choice for big business houses. Due to additional features, opting for dedicated servers may burn a hole in your pocket. VPS is a perfect amalgamation of shared and dedicated hosting, making it highly desirable for most of the emerging businesses. Through this article, we will understand the Virtual Private Server or VPS for website.

What is Virtual Private Server or VPS?

VPS or Virtual Private Servers are the website constructors that give a handsome face to your designed brand. It is the most favorable option among the other web hosting services available on the World Wide Web. In VPS, the main server is divided into multiple parts that consist of equal portions of all the technical elements. Once you opt for this hosting service, a single portion of the server will be allotted to you exclusively. This will allow you to enjoy the features of a dedicated server without sharing the basic components with other websites.

Exclusive & Shared Features

In VPS, not all the components are available exclusively; some needs sharing with the fellow websites as well. The shared components are hard drive, physical machine, CPU, RAM, and Network Bandwidth. In contrast, the security, web server, applications, operating system, dedicated websites, and rebooting can be availed exclusively.

How is VPS Different from Shared or Dedicated Hosting Service?

It is a challenging as well as an expensive task to manage and set up a server. Hence, it is important to hire a proficient web hosting service to assure a worthy accommodation for your website on a web server.

Web pages that receive huge traffic or deals with live streaming need dedicated servers. This service is not mandatory for all the web pages, especially if you are initiating a business venture. You can save your budget by opting for shared hosting, which grants you access to a server on mutual terms. However, if you are thinking of enhancing the perimeter of your business and reluctant to invest in a dedicated server, VPS is an appropriate choice for you.

Operation of a Virtual Private Server Hosting Service

The technology that backs the VPS is similar to that of a Virtual Box. In this technology, multiple operating systems run on a computer without affecting the performance of the other. In a similar manner, a physical server is segregated into various slices that behave like virtual servers. The performance of the individual website on each slice remains unaffected by the activity of its peer. This makes VPS the most desired hosting service within your budget.

Benefits offered by VPS

VPS for website presents an affordable way of accessing the features of a dedicated server. Let us have a look at the benefits offered:

  • Privacy– When you have chosen to host in a VPS environment, the resources are not shared with neighboring websites. This keeps the file and sensitive information secure.
  • Limited resources– A website dwells on the allotted area with a restricted access to the storage, RAM, data transfer, bandwidth, and operating system. This allows a seamless and stable performance of a site.
  • Scalability– The server applications like Apache, MySQL, and PHP are exclusively available to you along with the operating system. Since you are the sole owner of these applications, it can be customized as per the demand of your website.
  • Control– If you need to restart any server application, it can be done without affecting the operation of other virtual servers and vice versa. This offers more power to you which a shared hosting fails to present.
  • Exclusive resources– With VPS, you can exclusively access the RAM and bandwidth, enhancing the performance remarkably.
  • Cost-efficient- VPS offers an affordable platform for the websites that are looking for an accentuated user experience. The components such as RAM, CPU, and bandwidth are also utilized as required, saving the resource and cost immensely.


VPS or Virtual Private Server never lets your website experience a downtime due to traffic spike of the fellow websites. VPS is the finest solution for your web page if you are looking for a cost-effective medium to enjoy a huge exposure. Search for the most competent VPS service providers to enjoy the benefits in a seamless manner.

Author: Sohel Ather

Are data quality tools really important for my organization?

A data quality tool can be defined as a device that helps in the process of ensuring high-quality of data and delivery of services. If selected and used properly, these tools can greatly assist in the assessment of customer requirements by transforming a simple set of data into useful information.

Before moving on to different types of data quality tools available online, you should first understand what data quality is and how to measure it?

Today, many businesses recognize the importance of high-quality data for their success, but there are still enterprises, which are unaware of data quality. These companies end up focusing only on gathering data without paying attention to its quality management. There are businesses, which have heard the term but never tried to understand it properly and its impact on their business.

Data quality is an oft-used term in the data world. Experienced data analysts often talk about data quality to derive value from data. In simple words, data quality is the ability of a set of data to serve the intended objective of helping in a marketing campaign, understanding customer behavior etc. Only high-quality data can help your organization achieve its goals.

Let’s understand it through an example. A company has a list of 1000 customers along with the phone numbers and addresses. Now, this huge data has high chances of containing errors like spelling mistakes in names, wrong address due to change in it or multiple entries of the same customer with minor changes in name. Now correcting these errors is not possible until you use data quality tools.

How to measure data quality?

Measuring and ensuring the quality of data in organizations with so much of data across different areas is a bit difficult, but not impossible. By making a checklist, you can ensure that you have got the highest quality of data possible for the success of your business. Below given are the data quality dimensions you can include in your checklist to measure the quality of your data.

Completeness: Make sure that the critical data like customer name, contact details etc are completed first as this has a high percentage of the completeness of the data.

Validity: Check the standards and make sure the data conforms to the set standards in your organization.

Uniqueness: Make sure there is only one entry of one person or entity in the database when measured against other data sets.

Accuracy: Though 100% accuracy in a large database is not possible all the time, you should check how well it reflects the real-world person identified by it.

Timeliness: In case of sales, new product launch and another campaign to create awareness among customers, date and time have a huge impact on the data. So make sure the information can be relied upon for accuracy over a period of time.

Role of data quality tools in the maintenance of data:

Demand for easy-to-use data quality tools has increased over time. The advanced tools not just make data error-free but also enable data insight, support in contact data validation, provide a complete customer view and help in data preparation. The tools support users in maintaining the quality of database throughout their life cycle. Moreover, they also offer standard reports to help management make better decisions.  Tools have following features, which make data management hassle-free for users.


The main objective of the validation process is to regularly authenticate and verify records throughout their life cycle against given reference standards. A tool to maintain data quality should automate the validation process in its entirety.


In order to support data administers, a quality tool must envisage the results of the validation process. It should show the information that is required to be changed in the dataset to get the preferred data quality.


The only responsibility for the data quality assessment is not to support the data administrators or managers with their jobs but also to offer the management an overview of the status of data maintenance. The management should be aware of the present state of data quality and the scope of improvements in it for better results.

If you want that the tools help you speed up your business process by preventing you from the tedious task of regularly monitoring and analyzing data, you should check for the above-mentioned features in the data quality tools. Carefully selected tools for data quality management can help your businesses processes throughout the lifecycle of your product.

Tips to choose the best data quality tools

To ensure that you get maximum benefits from your investment in the tools for management of data quality, you should choose them wisely. Here are some tips to help you find the most suitable tools for your business and database.

Data cleansing feature: It helps in improving the entire data management process. That’s why you should look for a data quality management tool with the feature of data cleansing.

Data Monitoring and auditing: To ensure that you get the best results in business process, look for quality management tool with data monitoring and auditing feature. If used properly, this facility can take data quality to the next level.

Vendor stability: Buy data quality management tool only from a reliable and experienced vendor. They should have a strong presence in the market along with effective customer support system.

Cost: No doubt money matters a lot; even when you have to buy data quality software. Make sure the money charged for the tools is justified through their features.


There is no “one size fits all” approach to data quality management. Different business might need varied data quality tools for database management. With big data’s appetite for information growing with each passing day, it has got essential for the businesses to maintain the quality of the data through advanced tools. Data hygiene tools allow computers to crunch numbers and provide you the best information for superior customer services, higher conversion rate, customer loyalty and better customer experience.

Author: Sohel Ather

What is Time Tracking Software and How is it Useful for Your Employees

For businesses around the globe, one of the crucial but yet difficult things to do is tracking of employee time. It is essential to know how your employees are spending their valuable time on each project, task, or job that is been given by you and without proper time tracking it is impossible to find answers to those questions. What businesses need to understand is that there a fine, thin line between time tracking and micromanagement? Ever and now then if your managers just hover your employees then it makes everyone in the office uncomfortable and employees also on the other side can’t completely focus on their task so by using a time tracking software, you can leave your employees to their assigned tasks and sit back carefree.

Today, let me give some great advantages of time tracking software for businesses who can just use it easily.

1. A Better Job Management

Any business may have some moving parts and many complex responsibilities that they and their employees have to perform on a daily, weekly, monthly, or even quarterly basis. In such scenarios, time tracking software can assist in making jobs and project management remarkable efforts. This is especially true when businesses have a bounded number of employees who will be working on numerous distinctive projects. Tracking every employee’s time and the amount they usually spend on each of the tasks and discovering whichever of the duties is the essential will make it simpler for them to handle all of their distribute duties.

2. Easy Payroll Processing

A few systems on the market nowadays let the employees do beyond just tracking their time such as creating timesheets, later which the managers or management can use it to process the payroll. Features like this will be very useful in ensuring that the employees will surely receive their salary on time for the projects they assigned for. As few organizations have employees who don’t have any specific work timings, then this time tracker can make your work easier and frequently a part of the guesswork, out of payroll. This is highly useful for businesses with small management and a limited number of employees.

3. Help You Concentrate

More than your managers spying on your employees, tracking their own time on each task will let them focus on their projects and duties. Your employees know how much time they have and everything is being tracked by a software which means there are fewer chances for them to have you had fooled around. They will concentrate more and find ways to complete their tasks on time. By estimating project completion, they can let their managers or management know that the certain project might not be completed on time as expected. This way both management and employees can work together.

4. Improved Workflow

By using this software, you can have a better understanding of what exactly is going around in your business. It tracks each and every employee’s time on each project they worked and thus providing you better insights and an overview of each project and assignment. Once you review the results of tracking then you plan your future projects in a streamlined way. This is especially true from a logistics point of view. If needed, managers can rearrange the tasks or duties of their employees whenever they think any project is taking longer than they anticipated.

5. Cut Unnecessary Costs

Usually, every entrepreneur looks for ways to cut unnecessary costs that occur in the business to enhance their bottom line and overcome budgetary requirements. By learning the workflow of the business, you can easily see where you are going wrong and all thanks to this software. Once you know the problems or inefficiencies, you can easily correct them to increase the work efficiency while cutting costs on unnecessary expenses.

6. Accurate Client Billing

There is one more essential aspect of using this software is that it will also help you in accurately billing your client. Let’s say for some of your clients you actually bill them based on time spent on per project rather than the whole project, then this kind of billing will be rightly done by the software. Because if done manually, then there are chances to wrongly calculate time but your software will ensure accurate billing. Not just that, for a particular client you thought time spent on their project was 8 hours but in actual you spent 10 hours on that then you would be losing a huge amount of amount.

Either you losing money or wrongly billing the client for more money are both terrible mistakes. This software will help you bill your clients so accurately that they may even like your honesty.

7. Let Them Why Tracking is Important

There is a good chance of misunderstanding when you say to your employees that you want to deploy this tracking software.

If they feel they are not being trusted then either they may leave your company or reduces their work productivity either of which you don’t want to happen. So explain to them why it is essential to use this software in your business. Tell them how it can streamline this day-to-day tasks and improve their productivity. With the help of this software, you can ensure your clients billing and cut unwanted costs down, which is good for the company including your employees.

Some of your employees many initially seem skeptical but will understand the importance of it eventually.

As you can clearly see the advantages of time tracking software, it really does wonders to your business regardless of the size of your company. Even freelancers can use it. If clients want to know exactly how much time you spend on each project or task then it is a great way to show them how accurate you are. There are dozens of such softwares available in the market currently. But choose wisely because of the choice you made neither your employees nor your clients should suffer.


Author: Sohel Ather

Performance Testing – a way for Businesses to win and retain Customers

People have such a hectic life that they do not want to waste time on waiting for the application or website to load while shopping or buying something online. So, if your application does not serve the purpose to people in lesser time despite of serving the best service or product than competitors, your users will be your competitor’s customers. Thus, performing performance testing becomes crucial for the businesses to make their website or applications that represent business to perform well.

Developing an application but not doing different types of performance testing can impact your business

When your application or website goes live and your users or customers start accessing it, your application or website experiences receiving different kinds of user load variations, so performance should be constant at all user load variations otherwise it will impact the business.

When it comes to Performance testing, there are many types which improve the application’s or website’s overall performance. Load Testing, Stress Testing, Spike Testing and Endurance Testing are different types of performance testing to test an application or a website for performance against different user load variations. All the types have their own role to play in application’s performance.

Load testing gives the liberty to identify how capable the application is to handle the load of the customers when it escalates from normal to peak. Whereas Stress Testing is an approach to test your application to know about the limit of traffic that becomes as hindrance for application to perform as normal or to crash. Talking about Spike testing, it is just a sudden ramp up of user load.

On the whole, Performance testing must not be ignored instead it builds a way for the businesses to win their customers for forever.



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Global ERP Software Market Professional Survey Report 2017 shared in new research report

This report studies ERP Software in Global market, especially in North America, China, Europe, Southeast Asia, Japan and India, with production, revenue, consumption, import and export in these regions, from 2012 to 2016, and forecast to 2022.

View Full Report:

This report focuses on top manufacturers in global market, with production, price, revenue and market share for each manufacturer, covering

On the basis of product, this report displays the production, revenue, price, market share and growth rate of each type, primarily split into
On-Premise ERP
Cloud ERP

By Application, the market can be split into
Logistics Industry

By Regions, this report covers (we can add the regions/countries as you want)
North America
Southeast Asia

If you have any special requirements, please let us know and we will offer you the report as you want.

Click Here Download Sample Report Copy from:

8 Major Manufacturers Analysis of ERP Software
8.1 SAP
8.1.1 Company Profile
8.1.2 Product Picture and Specifications Product A Product B
8.1.3 SAP 2016 ERP Software Sales, Ex-factory Price, Revenue, Gross Margin Analysis
8.1.4 SAP 2016 ERP Software Business Region Distribution Analysis
8.2 Oracle
8.2.1 Company Profile
8.2.2 Product Picture and Specifications Product A Product B
8.2.3 Oracle 2016 ERP Software Sales, Ex-factory Price, Revenue, Gross Margin Analysis
8.2.4 Oracle 2016 ERP Software Business Region Distribution Analysis
8.3 Sage
8.3.1 Company Profile
8.3.2 Product Picture and Specifications Product A Product B
8.3.3 Sage 2016 ERP Software Sales, Ex-factory Price, Revenue, Gross Margin Analysis
8.3.4 Sage 2016 ERP Software Business Region Distribution Analysis
8.4 Infor
8.4.1 Company Profile
8.4.2 Product Picture and Specifications Product A Product B
8.4.3 Infor 2016 ERP Software Sales, Ex-factory Price, Revenue, Gross Margin Analysis
8.4.4 Infor 2016 ERP Software Business Region Distribution Analysis
8.5 Microsoft
8.5.1 Company Profile
8.5.2 Product Picture and Specifications Product A Product B
8.5.3 Microsoft 2016 ERP Software Sales, Ex-factory Price, Revenue, Gross Margin Analysis
8.5.4 Microsoft 2016 ERP Software Business Region Distribution Analysis
8.6 Epicor
8.6.1 Company Profile
8.6.2 Product Picture and Specifications Product A Product B
8.6.3 Epicor 2016 ERP Software Sales, Ex-factory Price, Revenue, Gross Margin Analysis
8.6.4 Epicor 2016 ERP Software Business Region Distribution Analysis
8.7 Kronos
8.7.1 Company Profile
8.7.2 Product Picture and Specifications Product A Product B
8.7.3 Kronos 2016 ERP Software Sales, Ex-factory Price, Revenue, Gross Margin Analysis
8.7.4 Kronos 2016 ERP Software Business Region Distribution Analysis
8.8 Concur(SAP)
8.8.1 Company Profile
8.8.2 Product Picture and Specifications Product A Product B
8.8.3 Concur(SAP) 2016 ERP Software Sales, Ex-factory Price, Revenue, Gross Margin Analysis
8.8.4 Concur(SAP) 2016 ERP Software Business Region Distribution Analysis
8.9 Ibm
8.9.1 Company Profile
8.9.2 Product Picture and Specifications Product A Product B
8.9.3 Ibm 2016 ERP Software Sales, Ex-factory Price, Revenue, Gross Margin Analysis
8.9.4 Ibm 2016 ERP Software Business Region Distribution Analysis
8.10 Totvs
8.10.1 Company Profile
8.10.2 Product Picture and Specifications Product A Product B
8.10.3 Totvs 2016 ERP Software Sales, Ex-factory Price, Revenue, Gross Margin Analysis
8.10.4 Totvs 2016 ERP Software Business Region Distribution Analysis
8.11 Unit4
8.12 Yonyou
8.13 Netsuite
8.14 Kingdee
8.15 Workday
8.16 Cornerstone
8.17 Digiwin

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