NeoLoad 6.5 is now available

Neotys today announced a new release (6.5) for its NeoLoad solution, which integrates with widely-used testing tools and other toolchain elements across the entire application lifecycle.

This release includes enhanced support for load testing SAP applications, a tool for migrating LoadRunner scripts, enhancements to the NeoLoad Web UX, integration with Ranorex, and support for creating Jenkins “Pipelines as-Code”.

NeoLoad 6.5’s new capabilities results in faster test design and maintenance, better integration with popular testing ecosystem elements, and better collaboration for load testing data.

To explore the new exciting features, see What’s New in NeoLoad 6.5.

  • Official SAP GUI Support, support of SAP GUI 7.4 and 7.5 compatible with SAP R/3, SAP ECC and SAP S/4HANA.
  • Script Converter Beta, an external tool that converts LoadRunner scripts to a NeoLoad Project. See
  • Ranorex integration improvements that build on the existing capacity of doing Ranorex functional testing under load. This version now includes the capacity of measuring End User Experience from a real browser or real client run by a Ranorex script during a load test and doing automated Script Maintenance with a single Test Script. See
  • NeoLoad now supports Jenkins Pipeline as Code. The plugin will be effectively available during June 2018. See
  • Export wizard to produce a zip file used to run a test with NeoLoad Web Runtime. For more information, see Export a project to NeoLoad Web.
  • Delay Action now provides a Thinktime mode that allows delays to be overridden by the Thinktime policy of the Virtual User Path, and to not being played by default when checking the VU. For more information, see Delay.
  • Docker Load Generator images improvements, a much smaller Docker image and NeoLoad generators logs are now automatically redirected to the standard stdOut and stdErr streams, use of environment variables to connect to NeoLoad Web.
  • Cloud Console now always requires a login which ensures accessing an always up-to-date information.
  • Improved Cloud session management, session is canceled when exiting NeoLoad.
  • Improved Web Socket support: NeoLoad now provides the means of explicitly closing them.

Source: NeoLoad

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