Benefits of Online Security Products & Service

In 2017, all business houses and individuals who used the Internet for their everyday life got a nasty surprise. A group of Kremlin-linked hackers named Sandstorm released a deadly malware named NotPetya. NotPetya went on to create a damage of $10 Billion and more proving the world that these are truly bad times for anybody who uses the Internet.

The long list of cybersecurity attacks does not end with NotPetya. Some of the other most damaging cybersecurity attacks and data breaches are listed below:

  • Equifax Data Breach – 145.5 Million customer account data breached
  • Uber Data Breach – 57 Million Records containing driver and user hacked
  • WannaCry Cyber Attack – 300,000 Systems all over the world made unusable
  • Yahoo! – 3 Billion Accounts compromised
  • Rasputin Attacks – 60 Universities and Federal Agencies affected

Well, the list clearly shows that even tech giants are no safe from cybersecurity attacks.

There is a pressing need to invest in security products and services. There is a pressing need for everyone who uses digital systems to understand the benefits of using such security products and services.

Personal identity protection

Did you know that your online identity is an asset of its own? In fact, celebrities have such a powerful value for their digital identities that their actions can make or break a brand. For instance, in February 2018, a single tweet by Kylie Jenner tanked the Snapchat market value by $1.3 Billion.

Although average users like you and me cannot command such a fortune with our digital identities, it is still necessary to protect virtual identities. A compromised virtual identity can lead to unnecessary complications, some even punishable in the eyes of law. Like the story of retiree Helen Anderson whose identity was stolen by meth addict for opening new credit cards and for withdrawing sums from bank accounts.

All of us stand the risk of becoming a victim of identity theft like that of Helen Anderson. Online security products and services can help prevent such instances by establishing multiple layers of security around your private information.

Financial protection

The prime reason why hackers are behind our data is because they ultimately lead to our bank accounts. Our online medical reports and location history has little relevance to them. On the other hand, our personal information like birthdays, vehicle numbers, browsing history can help them reverse engineer banking usernames and passwords.

If you are someone who finds solace in using a simple and easy-to-remember password like ‘123456’, ‘password’, etc, then you stand all the chance to be run over by hackers. But, with security mechanisms like two-factor authentication (2FA), one-time-passwords and the likes, your financial information remains secure at all times.

Secured organizational IT assets

Organizational IT assets like databases, data warehouses, customer records, payment information, etc. need to be safeguarded for future use. Also, there could be Intellectual Property Rights, design schemas, codes and much more which should be protected from unauthorized personnel.

Also, in the ecommerce space, users buy more from online stores that they trust than from any other store. Trust is the deciding factor that can result in a buy. As a result, eCommerce players must equip their stores with online security mechanisms like SSL certificates. A Cheap SSL certificate will encrypt the flow of information from the customer to the store’s server thus preventing any leakage of data in between.

Reputation protection

This is the age of social media. News and fake news spread fast like wildfire. Brands and celebrities have to keep their eyes and ears open to spot online threats that could spell doom to their online reputation.

Online reputation management services and security products that help establish the veracity of your individual blogs, websites, social accounts and so on are necessary. Without them, your business reputation can go for a toss and along with it your customers as well.

Protection for private data

Private data includes location, gender information, health records, browsing history, spending habits and so on. In the recent days, all these information have become publicly available thanks to the liberal approach that most users have towards granting app permissions.

Such data mined by mobile apps and online service providers can prove to be a disaster if it falls in the wrong hands. Businesses have the responsibility to ensure that these data are safeguarded and stored in a secure fashion at all times. Especially with the oncoming of GDPR and data protection regulations, organizations must take extensive steps to protect user data from misuse.

Security services help you get back on your feet

Worst case scenario, your identity could be stolen, website hacked and data compromised. In such a scenario, you need professional help to put yourselves back on your feet. Such kind of recovery from a security disaster is not easily done. You need experts hands on deck to take care of the process. Security services will help restore your identity, retrieve personal information, data as well as lock down threatening online content.

Security is good for you

Well, this is a no-brainer. Security is good for you and your business. Security products and services ensure that your data remains safe at all times. It also prevents possible instances of identity theft, data theft, and financial loss. All said the money you spend on security products and services will help you save tons which would otherwise be lost in cybersecurity attacks.

Don’t be misguided by the assumption that hackers target only large business houses with sprawling databases. Even an individual’s identity can help a hacker carry out their illegal activities with ease. Ensure that you have a reliable online security product and service at your disposal to keep things safe and straight.

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