Where To Use Data De-Duplication Technology

Data de-duplication is a process that is used to help reduce the amount of storage space that is used on your system. Not only does the process help to streamline the functionalities in an organization but it also helps you to get a unique and clean list of data that can be more beneficial than a pile of data that contains multiple entries of the same contact.

There are many situations when people in the organization end up saving the same data multiple times and this become one large file of data that is not of any use to the business. Each time you end up adding more data to the original copy the size of the file just keeps on increasing but the value doesn’t really increase. Data de-duplication not only helps to reduce the size of the file but it also works well in making it more beneficial to the business.

There are various places where data de-duplication processes can be used. Any organization that needs to function in today’s date requires data to promote their business. While data plays an important role in the business so does data de-duplication and this simply means that irrespective of what industry or business you belong to, you will need these services at least once.

While data de-duplication may seem like a complicated process, with the help of the right tools you will manage to get it done within a matter of minutes. If the file is considerably large then it would take a longer time to clean the data. This is why it is better for you to run data de-duplication on a regular basis rather than waiting for a large file of data to pile up.

There are various places where data de-duplication can be used and this also includes your cloud data. If you thought that saving data on the cloud would not matter to you too much because you can keep on purchasing more space, you need to understand that while you are purchasing space on the cloud this space is just a waste of money for data that already exists in your system. It can help you to cut down on a lot of expenses that you were initially spending on and this is something that your business can benefit from in the long run. Lesser expenses automatically translate to bigger profit margins.

Data de-duplication is usually the second stage of data cleansing. The first stage of data de-duplication is data cleansing which involves cleaning the data or looking for any inconsistencies or incorrect entries.

This is something that scares a lot of business owners because they don’t want to take the risk of cleaning data because they believe that they will lose a lot of entries in the bargain. The truth however is that irrelevant or inconsistent data that is present in your system is of no value to you in any way. The only thing that happens with the data is it ends up taking up space. Before data de-duplication it is always better to learn about data cleansing that will help you clean out all the incorrect entries and get rid of them immediately. Once this is done, you can then run data cleansing all over again so that all the inconsistent entries that are still present can be sorted out and corrected. Data cleansing doesn’t just involve randomly deleting entries that don’t look correct but rather it helps you to correct incorrect entries and helps you to make use of that contact instead of it going to waste and just occupying space.

De-Duplication Vs. Compression

Many business owners often confuse de-duplication with compression because de-duplication is often referred to data compression. However, de-duplication and compression are very different from each other and while compression can help to save on a little space, it is not as effective as de-duplication.

De-duplication not only helps to save on space but it also makes the data more effective. Compression will only help to reduce the size of the file and most of the time it ends up changing the format to something that is of no use to the business whatsoever. Compression can only make a file a little smaller, but when you use de-duplication you can end up reducing the file size by at least 25 times. This makes it very convenient for you to save on a lot of space as well as money that you were initially investing in the space.

Implementing Data De-Duplication

It is difficult for a number of businesses to figure out how to implement data de-duplication and they usually start off with the first level. However, if you want data de-duplication to work well in your favor then it’s important that you take your time to check out the various stages that you need to follow before data de-duplication. This includes making sure that the data is clean and in the same format. If the data is not in the same format then data de-duplication will not be as beneficial as it would be when the data is precise and accurate. This is because it would be difficult for the process to identify duplicate entries conveniently.

It is important for every business owner to remember the data de-duplication plays an important role in the growth of the business as well as in helping the revenue to increase as well as reduce costs. There are so many things that you need to pay attention to during the data de-duplication process that it’s important you have a ready list in hand that enables you to figure out what step needs to be taken and at what time. While most businesses believe that data de-duplication is something that they do not need for their business the truth is every Industry that needs data needs data de-duplication and since almost all Industries require date on a regular basis this is a process that every business should follow.

Author: Sohel Ather

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