Applitools Brings AI Powered Visual Testing to Selenium IDE

Artificial Intelligence supercharges widely-used record and playbook test platform with Visual Testing capabilities to help dev teams release visually perfect web apps with unsurpassed speed and quality

SAN MATEO, Calif.Feb. 26, 2019 — Applitools, the leader in Application Visual Management, today announced an integration between Selenium IDE (, a popular free and open source record and playback testing tool, and its AI powered Visual Testing and Monitoring platform, Applitools Eyes. The integration enables QA and development teams to check responsive software applications using Visual AI across dozens of browsers and devices. Applitools Eyes also provides Root Cause Analysis ( to help point developers to the exact locations of bugs in the code and fix them immediately without spending valuable time on debugging efforts.

To get started with Selenium IDE and the Applitools Eyes extension, visit: (

Once integrated with Applitools via a browser extension for Chrome or Firefox, Selenium IDE users can visually validate complete UI pages at any step of their test. Each visual checkpoint captures a snapshot of the page, then sends it to the Applitools Ultrafast Visual Grid (, which renders the page concurrently across multiple browsers (e.g. Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox, etc.), device screen sizes and orientations (portrait and landscape). “The ability to run record and playback tests across any browser, and not just the one it was recorded on, is one of Selenium IDE’s new killer features,” said Dave Haeffner Selenium IDE Contributor and Software Developer at Applitools. “Testers love having this capability as it saves valuable time while also expanding test coverage dramatically.”

Applitools Visual AI analyzes each screenshot to find only the visual differences detectable by the human eye — eliminating the false positives that plague traditional pixel-based visual testing tools and frustrate front-end developers. With Root Cause Analysis, Applitools Eyes identifies the handful of lines of DOM and CSS that underpin each visual difference, enabling developers to reduce bug fix times from hours to minutes.

“By integrating Selenium IDE and Applitools Eyes, QA teams (including manual testers) now have an easy and intelligent way to find more bugs faster, and make it dramatically easier to partner with front-end development teams to pinpoint and debug lines of code,” said Adam Carmi, co-founder and CTO of Applitools. “Development teams now have much of the power of Selenium WebDriver, without having to learn how to write test automation code.”

To learn how the new Selenium IDE can turbo-charge your testing efforts, watch a replay presentation and demo from Dave Haeffner and Tomer Steinfeld (full-time contributors to Selenium IDE) at (

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About Applitools 
Applitools is the creator of Application Visual Management (AVM) to help companies deliver visually perfect web and native mobile apps in a fully automated way, starting with its visual testing and monitoring solution. Founded in 2013, Applitools uses sophisticated AI-powered image processing technology to ensure that an application appears correctly and functions properly on all devices, browsers, operating systems, and screen sizes.

Applitools Visual AI mimics the human eye and brain to avoid reporting undetectable visual bugs, minimizing the false positives that make traditional visual testing tools unusable. Applitools Eyes can instantly validate entire application pages and detect layout issues on even the most complex and dynamic pages. When development teams are confident they can fix visual bugs faster, they are unleashed to deliver more customer-facing features than ever before.

Hundreds of companies from a range of verticals, including Fortune 100 firms in software, banking, insurance, retail, and pharmaceuticals, use Applitools to deliver the best possible digital experiences to their customers. Applitools is headquartered in San Mateo, California, with an R&D center in Tel Aviv, Israel. For more information, please visit

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