QualiPoc Remote Control: Non-stop Service Quality Monitoring and Optimization

Zuchwil, October 03, 2014 – SwissQual – a Rohde & Schwarz Company – introduces QualiPoc Remote Control: a versatile, remotely controlled network measurement probe that enables multiple cost-efficient applications.

These include targeted 24/7 service quality monitoring in real-time, or large-scale data collection on one or more mobile networks for the purpose of optimization. QualiPoc Remote Control evolved from SwissQual’s proven, high-performance QualiPoc Android platform, which sets the standard for smartphone-based mobile network testing. QualiPoc Remote Control allows mobile operators to reduce operational costs and ensure seamless quality of service.

The Android smartphone-based QualiPoc Remote Control can be installed as a local measurement probe in critical locations; or it can be deployed unattended in a fleet setup for large-scale operations.

A reliable, cost-efficient, and future-proof concept

SwissQual integrated its proven and high-performance QualiPoc smartphone based instrument in a ruggedized shell, and equipped it with extra features to ensure reliable, continuous, and uninterrupted operation. This includes active ventilation, a backup battery system, and a software watchdog with self-healing functions.

A multipurpose, remotely controlled network probe

QualiPoc Remote Control is remotely controlled by SwissQual’s tailored back-end system. Tests and data collection are remotely configured and scheduled; the performance of each service is visible in a dedicated dashboard displaying test results and alarms in real-time. This allows cost-efficient, unattended applications such as:
• Targeted 24/7 service quality monitoring: Installed in fixed or moving hotspots, such as shopping malls, airports, business districts, public transport, trains etc., QualiPoc Remote Control enables mobile operators to ensure a stable quality of service where it matters most. Network and service instabilities or errors, which have an adverse effect on end-user experience, are immediately detected and displayed; network and service operation centres are instantly alarmed so they can take prompt action.
• Large-scale 24/7 data collection for network optimization: QualiPoc Remote Control deployed in fleets, for example taxis, busses, couriers, etc., is a cost-efficient way to collect measurements for optimization and enables mobile operators, infrastructure vendors and service providers to continuously collect data from a real end-user perspective. The fleets are monitored via a web-based application that displays the status of the probes in cockpits and on maps such as Open Street Map.

QualiPoc Remote Control offers extensive functionalities for voice, data, video, and messaging for automated service quality measurements:
• Data collection is controlled, active, and systematic; measurements are reproducible making it is easier to identify necessary actions for improvement.
• All measurements can be performed independently of mobile operator and infrastructure vendor with test results available in real-time.
• Commercial phones equipped with a specific firmware of the measured operator are used; hence the real end-user perspective is reproduced.
• Data collected by QualiPoc Remote Control reflect the full range of information – from the application layer down to layer 1. This is crucial to not only display voice and video quality issues but also to systematically identify root causes for isolation and elimination of such issues.

“QualiPoc Remote Control is an essential component to cost-effectively monitor service quality status in real-time from an end-user perspective and to identify network problems immediately and act before they affect quality of service and end-user experience”, says Hanspeter Bobst, CEO of SwissQual.

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