Qentelli Launches a Revolution in QA and Testing with its New Standards for Continuous Delivery

With the Launch of its Website, Qentelli Releases Summer Travel Report, Putting The Top Four Tier 1 US Airline Websites Head to Head For Best UX on the Web

DALLAS, June 22, 2016 — Today, Qentelli (www.qentelli.com) launches a new standard in Quality Engineering and DevOps for Continuous Delivery, called Orchestrated Engineering.

In addition to announcing its commitment to this new method of continuous delivery, Qentelli has published its 2016 Summer Airline report, measuring the customer Web experience of the top four tier 1 airlines, from landing page to checkout.

In the report, Qentelli found that Southwest’s flight search loads four times faster than American Airlines. In addition, the best performing website in 3 of the four major categories measured was Southwest, while American Airlines has the best user experience (navigation and data entry) for passenger data fields. You can see the full details and the report on the Qentelli blog (http://qentelli.com/blog) on the company’s website.

Founded on the core philosophies of software engineering, Qentelli boasts more than three decades of top experience in software development through its core executive team, CEO and founder, Sanjay Jupudi and Engineering Chief and CTO, Prasanna Singaraju.

“Our main focus is enabling enterprises through continuous delivery,” says Singaraju. “We believe that our engineering focused approach and innovation ensures – transparency, managed delivery and sustainability.”

Qentelli has currently filed five patents around the object oriented programming, methodology and algorithms that they have established to bring customers across various industries software development and quality assurance tools that are the first of their kinds.

About Qentelli

Qentelli is a Quality Engineering Company, delivering services that span the Application Lifecycle. They bring three primary services.

  1. Quality Engineering – CI/CD, Early Automated Testing and DevOps
  2. Quality Intelligence – Metrics and Analytics to understand the trends and further to Predict Quality
  3. Quality Assurance – Functional, Non-Functional and Business Process Testing

Their patent pending Quality Intelligence Suite backs all their services, which is a combination of Grids, Visualization Tools, Frameworks and Quality Playbooks to assist and accelerate application lifecycle.

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SOURCE: Qentelli

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