New Software Testing Platform Birthed in Africa

Apps developers in Africa and across the world have a reason to smile as a new platform has been launched to help them gain traction they need to drive user growth while testing their apps for bug, user experience and security. is a platform built to help organizations in the technology industry test their Apps/Software before final rollout and gain initial users at the same time.

Most startups struggle with getting the first set of users they could leverage on to further their projected growth and traction. uses crowd source method so you have users all over Africa or your chosen location to use your app and submit bugs, reviews and even insight on growth and user experience.

The interesting thing is, Companies only pay for bugs approved by a project manager assigned by This many industry watchers say will help in engaging our youths who are already IT savy to become trained software testers. is rolling out series of online training for youths and interested people on software testing after which they will go through sandbox to test their skill and get on boarded into the community of testers.

What makes Zynar unique is the fact that they make their entire workers or testers to sign a non disclosure agreement. This means that every test result and information about the company are kept secret between all the parties involved.

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