Valori engages in unique partnership with DATPROF

Synergy in expertise and service

Valori, specialist in testing and Test Data Management, started a unique partnership with DATPROF, a leading company in specialised and user-friendly TDM solutions.

Valori already had powerful CA, Tosca, Parasoft and other products to implement test automation processes. DATPROF Subset and DATPROF Privacy now make test data available to Valori as well. Jelle Schutte, managing director of Valori Vivant and Valori Test Tool Services explains: “Combining these products allows Valori to offer unique propositions for test automation.”

‘Test Data Management’ Valori Guild

Schutte continues: “Especially for the ‘Test Data Management’ Valori Guild we created a team of consultants with plenty of test data expertise and knowledge of several TDM solutions. In addition we invested considerably in building up knowledge of the DATPROF products over the past couple of months. This enables Valori to provide optimum service in the implementation and management of our clients’ test environments and Test Data Management.”

DATPROF Subset and DATPROF Privacy

Consistent test sets can be generated with DATPROF Subset. “Generating only relevant test cases lets parties test with a much better focus, with substantially reduced storage and lead times as a bonus,” comments Harald Kikkers of DATPROF. “Test data can be anonymised with DATPROF Privacy, which is crucial from the perspective of information security.”

Efficiency and privacy legislation

Proud of this new partnership, both Schutte and Kikkers consider their clients to be the real winners. “After all, our clients benefit from efficient solutions and compliance with privacy legislation,” Schutte concludes.

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About Valori

Since 1989 is Valori an independent, privately held, Dutch test company. We help our clients to validate and verify their applications. Valori firmly believes testing is the mother of all innovation. In a world where every company is an IT company, every budget is an IT budget and every manager is an IT manager, innovation is key to survive.

Valori services include acceptance testing, business analysis, agile transitions, scaled and distributed agile, test tool services, performance testing, security testing, software improvement, scrum and continuous delivery.

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DATPROF is an independent, privately held Dutch software company that delivers specialised tools for test data management and data integration. DATPROF’s product portfolio for test data management includes standard solutions for test data generation, data discovery, data masking and data distribution. DATPROF users value the software for its user friendliness and high effectiveness. More information about DATPROF products is available at

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