Night Vision Device Market Expected to Expand at a Steady CAGR through 2027

Night vision market is growing due to its technological advancement in defense and commercial market. Night vision devices are mostly used in defense for vision assistance at night and areas with low light intensity. Night vision devices are also deployed in marine container, aerial vehicles, and defense ground equipment for navigation and monitoring purposes in low light. For civilian purpose night vision device is used for security camera around the house, camping, search and rescue, etc. In addition to that, night vision devices are also used in wildlife sanctuaries to observe the various activities of animals in night time. Night vision device provides multi- spectral imaging, optical directing, eye tracking, and many other things. The increasing adoption of night vision devices across diversified industry vertical create new market opportunity for night vision devices manufacturers.

Night Vision DeviceMarket: Drivers and Challenges

The major driver for Night Vision Device Market are innovation in technology, increase in armed conflicts, and commercial applications of night vision devices. In addition to that, increase in adoption of night vision device due to its cost effectiveness is the main factor which is driving the steady growth of the night vision device market.

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In contrast to this, due to high cost of night vision devices as compared to thermal image cost is restraining the market growth.

Night Vision DeviceMarket: Segmentation

Segmentation on the basis of device:

Night vision goggle

Night vision camera

Night vision scope

Segmentation on the basis of technology:

Image intensifier

Thermal imaging

Infrared illumination

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Segmentation on the basis of industry:

Defense and Government

Transportation and Logistics

IT and Telecommunications



Energy and Utilities


Night Vision Device Market: key players

Some of the key players for Night Vision Device Market are Armasight, ATN, BAE Systems, Elbit FLIR Systems, Harris, L-3 Communications, Meopta, Newcon Optik, Optix, Sofradir EC, and Thales.

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