What is Time Tracking Software and How is it Useful for Your Employees

For businesses around the globe, one of the crucial but yet difficult things to do is tracking of employee time. It is essential to know how your employees are spending their valuable time on each project, task, or job that is been given by you and without proper time tracking it is impossible to find answers to those questions. What businesses need to understand is that there a fine, thin line between time tracking and micromanagement? Ever and now then if your managers just hover your employees then it makes everyone in the office uncomfortable and employees also on the other side can’t completely focus on their task so by using a time tracking software, you can leave your employees to their assigned tasks and sit back carefree.

Today, let me give some great advantages of time tracking software for businesses who can just use it easily.

1. A Better Job Management

Any business may have some moving parts and many complex responsibilities that they and their employees have to perform on a daily, weekly, monthly, or even quarterly basis. In such scenarios, time tracking software can assist in making jobs and project management remarkable efforts. This is especially true when businesses have a bounded number of employees who will be working on numerous distinctive projects. Tracking every employee’s time and the amount they usually spend on each of the tasks and discovering whichever of the duties is the essential will make it simpler for them to handle all of their distribute duties.

2. Easy Payroll Processing

A few systems on the market nowadays let the employees do beyond just tracking their time such as creating timesheets, later which the managers or management can use it to process the payroll. Features like this will be very useful in ensuring that the employees will surely receive their salary on time for the projects they assigned for. As few organizations have employees who don’t have any specific work timings, then this time tracker can make your work easier and frequently a part of the guesswork, out of payroll. This is highly useful for businesses with small management and a limited number of employees.

3. Help You Concentrate

More than your managers spying on your employees, tracking their own time on each task will let them focus on their projects and duties. Your employees know how much time they have and everything is being tracked by a software which means there are fewer chances for them to have you had fooled around. They will concentrate more and find ways to complete their tasks on time. By estimating project completion, they can let their managers or management know that the certain project might not be completed on time as expected. This way both management and employees can work together.

4. Improved Workflow

By using this software, you can have a better understanding of what exactly is going around in your business. It tracks each and every employee’s time on each project they worked and thus providing you better insights and an overview of each project and assignment. Once you review the results of tracking then you plan your future projects in a streamlined way. This is especially true from a logistics point of view. If needed, managers can rearrange the tasks or duties of their employees whenever they think any project is taking longer than they anticipated.

5. Cut Unnecessary Costs

Usually, every entrepreneur looks for ways to cut unnecessary costs that occur in the business to enhance their bottom line and overcome budgetary requirements. By learning the workflow of the business, you can easily see where you are going wrong and all thanks to this software. Once you know the problems or inefficiencies, you can easily correct them to increase the work efficiency while cutting costs on unnecessary expenses.

6. Accurate Client Billing

There is one more essential aspect of using this software is that it will also help you in accurately billing your client. Let’s say for some of your clients you actually bill them based on time spent on per project rather than the whole project, then this kind of billing will be rightly done by the software. Because if done manually, then there are chances to wrongly calculate time but your software will ensure accurate billing. Not just that, for a particular client you thought time spent on their project was 8 hours but in actual you spent 10 hours on that then you would be losing a huge amount of amount.

Either you losing money or wrongly billing the client for more money are both terrible mistakes. This software will help you bill your clients so accurately that they may even like your honesty.

7. Let Them Why Tracking is Important

There is a good chance of misunderstanding when you say to your employees that you want to deploy this tracking software.

If they feel they are not being trusted then either they may leave your company or reduces their work productivity either of which you don’t want to happen. So explain to them why it is essential to use this software in your business. Tell them how it can streamline this day-to-day tasks and improve their productivity. With the help of this software, you can ensure your clients billing and cut unwanted costs down, which is good for the company including your employees.

Some of your employees many initially seem skeptical but will understand the importance of it eventually.

As you can clearly see the advantages of time tracking software, it really does wonders to your business regardless of the size of your company. Even freelancers can use it. If clients want to know exactly how much time you spend on each project or task then it is a great way to show them how accurate you are. There are dozens of such softwares available in the market currently. But choose wisely because of the choice you made neither your employees nor your clients should suffer.


Author: Sohel Ather

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